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Weather, Climate, and Natural Disasters of Spain

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Helen W.

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Weather, Climate, and Natural Disasters of Spain

by: Helen Croteau and Helen Willoughby
ESPAÑA: Weather, Climate, and Natural Disasters
By: Helen Croteau and Helen Willoughby
Spain: Weather, Climate, and Natural Disasters
Floods are the most common natural disaster in Spain. Because of storms, the Batzen River sometimes floods the Navarrese valley in northern Spain.
Natural Disasters
In Spain, the seasons are divided equally in the year: each season is exactly three months. They are: invierno, la primavera, el verano, and el otono. Winter, spring, summer and fall.
There are five main climates in Spain. They are:
Spanish climate
This climate has warm, dry summers,
and cool, mild, and wet winters. It is
located in the East and Southern coasts of Spain.
El Invierno
Madrid-Average Temp.=41-45 f
Madrid-Average High Temp.=50-54 f
Madrid-Average Low Temp.=34-36 f
La Primavera
Madrid-Average Temp.=50-60 f
Madrid-Average High Temp.=60-70 f
Madrid-Average Low Temp.=42-50 f
El Verano
Madrid-Average Temp.=70-76 f
Madrid-Average High Temp.=84-91 f
Madrid-Average Low Temp.=55-61 f
El Otono
Madrid-Average Temp.= 49-71 f
Madrid-Average High Temp.=59-84 f
Madrid-Average Low Temp.=39-49 f
This climate has cool (not cold) winters and warm (not hot) summers. It is located in the northern part of Spain.
This climate is hot and dry and has little rain. It is located in the south eastern coast of Spain.
This climate is very, very cold and is very rarely above freezing temperatures. It is located below the Oceanic climate, along the French boarder, scattered around the middle and a little in the southern Mediterranean area.
This climate has cold winters and hot summers. It is located in the central area of Spain.
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