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Govt. Class Overview and Rules


Stephen Barnes

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Govt. Class Overview and Rules

- Coach Barnes
- Football, Track, Powerlifting
- Govt./Econ & U.S. History Rules
1. Be respectful to everyone.
2. Never talk while someone else has the floor.
3. No signal fires, cell phone, or other communication devices are allowed.
4. We will study free love in this class, but hands off.
5. Follow all rules in your student handbook.
6. Remember that though we will learn that America is a constitutional republic
with a representative democracy govt., this class is a benevolent dictactorship. Daily and Test Work
daily - 40%
test - 60%
***Binders*** Importance of Govt.
1. Knowledge of our system
2. Knowledge of other systems
3. You are responsible to know
4. How would our country be affected if everyone know more about Govt. and Econ.? Debates
- debate, don't argue
- be knowledgeable
- be prepared
- be scholarly
- may conduct a formal debate Class Overview
1. Foundations of American Govt.
2. Legislative Branch
3. Executive Branch
4. Judicial Branch
5. Constitutional Freedoms
6. Political and Economic Systems (not just ours) Govt. Class Overview and Rules Misc
1. Tardies
2. Cell Phones
3. Dress Code
4. Binders
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