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Stephen Bartlett

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of War...

War Is A Book It Has A Beginning, middle, and an End, along with many chapters. Rosa Hubermann War tore apart her whole family War decimated her laundry business. Her husband was taken to go collect corpses somewhere else in Germany. Max has spent a long time hiding from the Gestapo and the war. Her son was sent off to fight in Stalingrad. She was force to cook with only minimal supplies. Max Vandenburg "Rosa had a small rip beneath her right eye, and within the minute, her cardboard face was broken"(p.418). In the quote Death uses the word rip, a synonym of rip is tear, what else does tear mean?
http://thesaurus.com/browse/tear Max has a war with himself over whether or not he should stay in the Hubermann's house, stating that he is selfish for forcing them into a tense situation. All of the characters were affected by war some more than others. War tears people apart, but also brings people together. Max lost his father to World War 1 "He was nearly two years old when his father died,
shot to pieces on a grassy hill" (P.188). Hans Hubermann Death says,"He already cheated me in one world war but would later be sent to another...where he would somehow manage to avoid me again" (p.33-34). He was sent to war a second time because he offered bread to a man of Jewish religion. He is assigned to the LSE where he sees the affects of war on others, something he didn't see in the first world war. He has to leave his wife Rosa, his foster daughter Liesel, and hope that Max is somewhere safe. He hides Max from the Nazis for as long as he can until he risks both of their lives by giving bread to the man walking to Dachau. Hans and Rosa have had their son sent to war and now Rosa will have to try to support Liesel when Hans is sent to war the second time. Rest in peace Hans Hubermann

The loving husband, father, and foster father with the soft silver eyes that turned to rust. images found at http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=ii Stephen Bartlett, Matt Taylor, Ashley Perschbacher This book was built upon the building block of a war, it affected the characters quite a bit and even killed many of them resulting in the theme of a book being like a war because a war reads like a novel. Hans has to go to war against his views in order to protect his family. He manages to survive both the wars he was sent to.
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