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alternative fuels and efficent cars

english 110

steve sheaffer

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of alternative fuels and efficent cars

Double click anywhere & add an idea Alternative Fuels
Fuel Efficent Cars
Have you ever herd of a car reaching zero to
sixty in 3.7seconds? Have you ever Heard of a car doing this without
using a sigle drop of fuel? Sick of filling your tank?
The Tesla Roadster is new to the auto world but is a high preformance sports car that is fast, looks great, and runs completely on electricty The tesla roadster is not the only car making a stand in fuel efficency Many of todays top car companys are
competing to produce the most fuel efficent
cars to the public. car leaders such as honda toyota chevy and ford
are making hybrids and fexfuel cars Toyota introduced the Prius, a hybrid
was introduced in 2001 in 2010 honda came out with their competition
for the prius with the insight and civic hybrid
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