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A New Social Innovation Youth Project.

Paul Kenna

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The STREETZ

the STREETZ: a social innovation
project for young people
Create a trained volunteer social innovator task force of young people
Capacity build and deliver 4 new youth projects across Bordesley Green
Develop a career and vocational development program
Establish The STREETZ as a social enterprise.
Identify sustainable funding streams and deliverable contracts.
Promote,Market and Brand successful outcomes and values to wider community

Social innovation refers to new strategies, concepts, ideas and
organisations that meet social needs of all kinds -
from working conditions and education to
community development and health -
and that extend and strengthen civil society. guerrila pods manufacture our own resources youth led sports teams friday and saturday jobs manage sports assets manage sports assets youht led The MEB Community HUB 6.5 acres of playing field our vision the meb football academy
the meb cricket academy
makemyplay wild play project
self build community pavillion
keep fit trail and jogging path
pannako arts academy
made in communities centre working with partners bmx and xsports youth centre establish a community xsports youth centre
create a bmx self build bike workshop
delivera mix media and arts program
train and capacity build local community to manage centre
develop business plan for long term sustainablity

qualification and training youth support worker nvq level 1. 11. and 111
community sports leader course.
level 1. and 11 cricket and football coaching
mentoring and counselling training
Arts award adviser
BMX and skate boarding level 1 and 11
Nationally recognised and accredited. career and vocational pathways youth and community work
mentoring (schools,referal units,third sector)
social care and health
social entrepreneur
further education volunteering
community activist
school governor
new projects director of the STREETZ Train and qualify a team of social innovator youth support workers
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