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Napoleon and Advertising

No description

Morgan Thomas

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon and Advertising

Morgan Thomas
Bailey Watson
period 2 We are for Napoleon. The Death of Napoleon
by: Vernet Horace 1) This primary source picture is prescriptive because it shows Vernet Horaces's view of Napoleon's death.
2) It describes ideology because it decribes the ideas and views of Vernet Horace on Napoleon.
3) This picture shows more of the ideas of elite because it is based off of Napoleon Bonaparte.
4) Using this source, you can answer historical questions about how certain painters or people viewed Napoleon. As well, you can see how people thought he died.
5) You cannot answer questions about the way Napoleon actually died using this source, because it provides only information on how Horace thought he looked when he died and how he died.
6) Reading the description with the picture on the website, we can see that our analysis closely fits other historians interpretations. In our opinion, this source supports the argument made.
"A throne is only a bench covered with velvet." This quote was said by Napoleon This primary source is descriptive because it shows Napoleon's view of things.
This is ideology because it shows what Napoleon thinks and what his ideas are
This quote shows the ideas of the elite because it's Napoleon talking
you can kind of answer questions on the character that Napoleon had because this quote shows equalism.
This source supports the argument of other people. 1) This source is prescriptive because it shows a chain of events that happened in October of 1795.
2) Behavior, because it is Napoleon's life and what he did.
3) The actions of the elite because Napoleon was an emperor.
4) You can answer questions about what Napoleon did during that time of his life.
5) You can not answer questions about what he did during the rest of the months of his life.
6) Since it is a timeline, our evaluations would fit the same as everyone elses.

"A celebrated people lose dignity upon a closer view. " -Napoleon Bonaparte.
1) This quote is descriptive-- it describes Napoleon's view on people.
2) This describes ideology, because it is once again his view, so it describes
his ideals on people.
3) The actions of the elite, because Napoleon Bonaparte was an emperor.
4) You can answer limited questions on what he thought about people.
5) You can not answer questions about his personal beliefs.
6) This quote's evaluation to us would likely be the same as anyones. This is descriptive because it shows what people think happen and what he looked like.
This is behavior because it shows how he was a great leader and was undefeated.
This is actions of the elite because Napoleon was a leader
You wouldn't really be able to answer all the questions, it can somehow describe him in war but it says nothing about the rest of his life.
Since its a picture our evaluations would be different because this is not what he looks like for real and also there was no description.
This is a glittering generality, shows how he was great leader.
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