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Simon Gooch

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of SUSPENSE!

SUSPENSE and TONE MEDIA LESSON ONE Watch the following clip.

Note what the POV shots
achieve for the viewer.

Jot down emotions / feelings
the clip is trying to create.

WARNING: SCARY. Point of View (POV) shot- when a shot is composed so that the viewer sees through a character's eyes. EDITING is the process of selecting
and arranging shots in a sequence.

PACE of a sequence is how long each
shot is allowed to remain on the screen.

Long shots can build suspense,
Fast cuts can show fast-paced action. Editing Techniques... Sounds are carefully chosen to build a scene.
Natural sounds can add realism.
Some sounds are muted or increased to add drama.
Music often sets an emotional tone. Sound! Look at this video. What do you think
about the first version? (I will stop to take comments for participation credit.)

What changes in the second version? How
does it feel different? Now, write notes about what you see in the following pairs of clips.

Note how the sound, editing, and other choices are meant to make you feel differently about the same movie. What was trailer one like?
Trailer two?
How did they change the tone completely from the same movie? Please get out your notes.

On your page, write down: Suspense, Manipulation, POV, Editing, Tone, and Pace.

You should be able to define these by the end of the day.

Suspense refers to a quality in a work of fiction that arouses excited expectation or uncertainty about what may happen. REVIEW... We've looked at video clips and short films a couple of times in this class. In both instances, we looked for literary devices such as CONFLICT and THEME.

Today, we're looking at video clips, trailers, and short films to explore MEDIA MANIPULATION-
how a filmmaker can "manipulate," or control, how you experience a movie through editing.

Some tricks of the filmmakers trade include today's vocabulary words... suspense, pace, tone, and editing, to name a few. In this clip, pay attention to how some shots are longer and some shots are quicker. How does this build suspense? On a piece of paper, write your name.

Then, create two columns.

SOUND / MUSIC VISUALS / TONE Under this column,
write what the music is like. Note any sound effects, too. Try to focus on how the music is meant to make the viewer FEEL. In this column, write the visual details the filmmaker chooses to include. Are people happy? Sad? Are there scary images? Finally, what is the TONE? All of these build TONE. TONE is a major TONE simply comes
word choice shows
tone. part of both film and literature.
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