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Georgia as a Royal Colony

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Jamiliah Smith

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Georgia as a Royal Colony

Georgia as a Royal Colony
Standard - SS8H2: The student will analyze the colonial period of Georgia's history.
Element c.: Explain the development of Georgia as a royal colony with regard to land ownership, slavery, government, and the impact of the royal governors.
From Trustee to Royal..
Rules concerning landownership, rum, and slavery were relaxed or ended during the twilight of the Trustee period and the colony of Georgia profoundly changed during the Royal period. The trustees, frustrated with the lack of economic and social success of the colony, returned the colony to the king; one year before the expiration of the Charter of 1732.
Slaves were forced to come to Georgia. With the restrictions on slavery removed, the colony’s slave population increased from 500 in 1750 to 18,000 in 1775.
E.Q. – How did Georgia change as it transitioned from the Trustee Period to the Royal Period (i.e. land ownership, government, and slavery)?
E.Q. – What impact did the three Royal Governors (Reynolds, Ellis, and Wright) have on the development of Georgia?

How would Georgia change (for its colonists) as it transitioned from being a Trustee Colony to a Royal Colony?
Explain three ways that slaves were mistreated and denied rights in GA?
Royal Governors
John Reynolds
naval officer
lacked people skills
caused friction with colonists and natives
recalled at the end of 1756
Henry Ellis
taught GA self government
created 8 parishes (counties)
took Cuba from Spain in French and Indian War
grew ill
1760-1776 and 1779-1782
expanded Georgia by Indian land secessions
Encouraged Stamp Act
Escaped to Britain after being arrested
James Wright
Why was John Reynolds considered to be an ineffective governor?
What did Henry Ellis do that was helpful to GA?
How did Georgia gain more land during James Wright’s term as Royal Governor?
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