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Social Studies Team Project

Yeonsoo Park

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of India

India :) by Esther, Bliss, Steve -division (after fall of Kushan Dynasty)
-unified by Gupta Dynasty (4th century)
-invasion of Turks (8th century)
-Islam invaded India and created Islam Dynasty(12th century)
-Mughl Empire was established (1526)
-Empire started to divide (17th century)
-ruled by England (19th century)
-divided in India, Pakistan(Bangladesh),
and Sri Lanka Culture Clothes Food Living Women : Sari
-5~6meters long
-main cloth to woman
-Bandi on the forehead

Men : Dhoati
-one peice, short
-common color is
gray, and white History 1) They think the right hand is more clean than the left
2) Use wood spoon to eat hot food
3) Use low table and seat down in the floor to eat About India Location/Geography/Climate/etc... Rich people
-the house is made by the marble
-the life style England style The gap between
the rich and
the poor Poor people
-the house is made by the mud
-Bed culture
-one room inside the house
in South Asia
capital-New Delhi
surrounded with mountains and seas
the home of Indus Valley Civilization
consider Ganges River very holy and sacred
weather-subtropical climate Flag -Orange(Hinduism):
truth, peace
equity, chivalry
-Mid picture : 24hours Religion Hinduism
-don't eat beef
-No creator by
-Discrimination by the caste system
-creator:Goutama Siddhartha
-from 6th century BCE
-learn teach of Buddha Famous Buildings Movie Food Famous People Taj Mahal ºNan,Chapati,Samosa,Curry,Tandori chicken Gandhi Nehru -Leader of national liberation movement
-a famous pacifist
-The most respected leader of 1990's
-The Father of India
-didn't like racism -India's politician
-struggle for independence(influence from Gandhi)
-was a foreign minister Language ºThe most used language is Hindi which is 45% of India' population.
ºIndia's second official language is English Qutb Minar ºTower of victory
ºthe highest stone tower in India's.
ºExecutive Dean Kut built this tower to celebrate the victory of the Islam.
ºCurran painted the wall. Ellora cave temple ºmade with rocky mountain
ºonly place in the world that the three religions are gathered in one place
*three religions : Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism ºIndia's popular building .
ºShah Jahan built for his wife Mutaz Mahal. Ganges river ºHindu who believe in wishes, went here to take a bath
ºGanges River is the best place to take a rest to Hindus Brahman Khsatriyas Vashya Shudra (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr Caste system Famous Movies
India produces the most amount of the movies.
There are total about 1.2 billion theaters in India -Slumdog Millionaire(2008)
-3 Idiots(2009)
-My Name Is Khan(2010)
-Stanley's Tiffin Box(2011) Priests,intellectuals Warriors,soldiers Traders,merchants people in service of other Hindi and English Nan Chapati Samosa Curry Tandori
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