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Amanda Todd's Freedom

No description

Cassandra Dodoo

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Amanda Todd's Freedom

Amanda Todd's Freedom - Amanda was not a bad person, she did no wrong to
anyone else
- She made bad choices
- Got bullied and felt like she couldn’t live in this world any
longer - Amanda Todd's story begins in gr.7 when see flashed a guy on web cam
-Sadly 1 year later the guy she flashed, got all of her personal information and blackmailed her on facebook; he posted a photo of her online
-Due to her infamous picture, and additional bullying, Amanda developed many psychological disorders, got into drugs and alcohol, cut herself, and even moved schools several times
- Even after moving the guy's harassment continued; Amanda was beaten up and she even tried killing herself by drinking bleach (but was saved)
- However on Wednesday October 10th Amanda was found dead in her house
Moral Issue: Who are we to shun, judge and criticize an individual solely on one mistake they made? Summary - Nobody really cared about or loved her
- Lost all respect from her friends
- Was treated as if she was worthless
- First felt accepted and appreciated by the man on web cam
- Felt loved by a boy who had a girlfriend then let her down
- Got messages saying she should die/kill herself
- “I need somebody. I have no one.” Lack of Love, Apathy
- Amanda was not able to be herself, no one tried
to understand her or accept her
- She felt useless and didn’t have a sense of
belonging, she always felt alone
- Had anxiety, stress and depression; her
disorder trapped her within herself
- She was hurt to the point that she mentally
distanced herself from everyone, she could not
seek for help from anyone Internal Freedom - Amanda did not have external freedom, she moved schools three times but no matter where she went, the bullying didn't stop
-Lost all of her friends
- She didn't feel comfortable in public, she was even to scared to go to school so she locked herself up in her house External Freedom Internal Freedom External Freedom
- A man told her she was beautiful so she flashed him,
however her exposed pictures followed her everywhere
- Was a cheerleader (stereotypes: slut, rude, self-
- She was part of a broken family ( her parents were
- Her psychological state of depression and anxiety,
created by her past led her to committing suicide Social Determinism Social Determinism - To love, is to have compassion and truly care for the well
being and dignity of people
- its not a shallow as being just nice, but actually caring deeply for one another
Apathy: to be without feeling, being insensitive Love/ Apathy Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? - a type of freedom that comes from within
- it's about our state of mind and how you feel about yourself - Our physical freedom
- to act and make decisions without restrictions or control from authority figures - our actions are based/ cased by social factors like our friends (peer pressure/ acceptance) and family
- our decisions depend on the type of past experiences we have faced Thank you ! :) Amanda committed suicide due to her psychological state of depression and anxiety. Was is by choice or a physiological process she had no control over? Is it possible that giving up is a human instinct we all possess when life becomes unbearable. Naturalism The theory that states that everything is shaped by physical, biological, psychological and social processes everything is explained by science. There is no such thing as spirit or culture and everything is based upon natural selection. Naturalism
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