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No description

Stephan Clauss

on 10 January 2013

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AIMS Quality Assurance History 2006/2007
Comprehensive Survey
and Proposal by ABtraining Training Project Actors.... Target Groups 2011
Survey by FSC Canada Content is known, understood and can be applied
Content is interpreted in the way it is meant to be
Content is consistent across different providers
Delivered content is always up-to-date combining knowledge distribution and learning
stop the reinvention of the wheel
concept of peer education National Offices Certification Bodies "Others" Options FSC IC/GD (partly) offers its own training courses (for auditors, NO, clients)
FSC IC/GD establishes an accreditation and registration framework (for auditors, training courses/organizations accredits training courses)
FSC IC/GD establishes a train-the-trainer program (i.g. for CB's) Why were the two attempts not finalized?
Is there anything important I should know?
Was the allocation of the opened position a
conscious decision? provides "irregular" training within the network,
for CB and clients provide "training" mostly for clients (auditors)
much consultancy (TM, Marketing)
-> income generating! "uncontrolled" delivery of training does not deliver training but has a strong interest in high quality delivery play an important role in the delivery of training mainly for auditors (and in preparation for certification -> consulting) organizations that provide paid training courses for auditors (NEPcon, ABtraining) and in preparation for certification (etifor) 2012
decision to open a position in the BDU Income Generation Is this a valid aim?
Be aware of "illusions": no money printing!
Certain fields need investment for later ROI
Internal and external competition for income Knowledge Management ....and the role they play as concerns training Understanding of the term "training" :
internal vs. external
workshop, presentation, knowledge input etc.
specific need should determinate format of delivery FSC Clients beneficiaries of training and consultancy Auditors ....and which content they would need Considerations about actors and their expectations as concerns training Development
of Content solid training in different fields of FSC (!) certification (content, process and interdependence) National Office Staff content AND competence training
regular updates
knowledge management Clients prepare for certification
use of TM
marketing support Considerations about Aims Wondering about history... avoid confusion of aim and output: -> income generation, training platform
Macro: need for integration in the Global Strategy!
=> Micro: how about the
annual work plans 2013? Way of Delivery need for inner differentiation of target groups
huge diversity of target groups as concerns content, its delivery and level needs
relate FSC's role understanding with the delivery of training (-> esp. training for auditors and the aspect of income generation!) Considerations about
the target groups Is it the role of FSC GD/IC to train certain target groups (esp. auditors)?
Is there the necessary competence and time in the head office especially for auditor training?
Does centralized training makes sense (need for local focus!; extensive traveling)?
general role clarification
(FSC IC <-> NO, FSC IC <-> ASI, FSC IC <-> CB)
can be helpful
Consider consequence for placing of training manager within the organization (BDU, QU, NU) Delivery, Structure and Roles Comprehensive high quality training
in a blended learning approach
including examination Training on the Job
Capacity Building
Knowledge management
Regular updating
-> format depending on content Consultation
-> format depending on content and specific aim Auditor
-> need for comprehensive
expertise, time and human resource National Offices
-> knowledge within the head office
time aspect Clients
-> content for basics available in the head
-> customized content needs specific
(regional and/or sector) knowledge FSC GD (and I) cannot organize a "train the world"
reliable (personnel) resources for content development and delivery
financial aspect and resources for training project
=> need for prioritization
("klein aber fein") Now, it's your turn! Overview Survey Canada exclusive focus on an online platform ("online e-learning program and a communication platform")
features: courses, download center, accreditation, discussion forum, profils, reports -> multilingual
target groups: FSC IC, NO, RO, CB, Auditors, Members, Clients)
- survey (FSC IC, NO, "contact people) completed
- identification of topics/content
- (partly) module description
- discussion of some procedures (Quality Control Committee)
- RFP e-learning provider Overview Survey ABtraining FSC Learning and Training Framework
comprehensive needs analysis and training status quo survey (FSC and Network, CBs, Auditors, Clients)
training framework
accreditation and registration framework (audtiors, trainers)
- survey completed
- target groups identified (auditors, FSC staff, trainers)
- content identified and modules desribed
- elaboration of teaching and training methods
- definition of procedures (registration and accreditation)
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