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Should the voting age be lowered to 13?

By Emma Feldman and Jenn Downing

Emma Feldman

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Should the voting age be lowered to 13?

Should thirteen year olds be allowed to vote? Teens are directly affected by the outcome of the election because of money issues such as taxes. Teens pay taxes when they shop and in fact they pay a estimated $9.7 billion in sale taxes. Thirteen year olds are directly affected by the outcome of the presidential election. Granting thirteen year olds the right to vote would help to begin political interests for the future. Giving teens a chance to vote, will increase the voter turnout now and in the future. If teens start voting early, they'll continue to do it the rest of their lives In 2012, the voter turnout rate for the presidential election was 57.5%. Even with adding more people to vote, more ballots will be turned in. Giving voting rights to teens thirteen and up would increase the voter turnout of adults too. For teens in between 13 and 16, they'd need to be driven by a parent or guardian. This would cause an estimated increase of about 600,000 adults who would start voting. Letting teens be active in politics will give them more experience for later on since on day, they will be our presidents. 94% of students felt that it was important to participate and vote. Most teens already watch the presidential debates and speeches for school, so it would not be much different for them. Some adults do not even watch these and are more misinformed than a high school student. Some people would say students would vote for the wrong people but 71% of students reported that the often question their parents about the elections at home. 80% of students in high school work at some point before they graduate. Taxes are taken from the pay which they receive from their job. A 57.5% voter turnout rate in the 2012 election means that 126 million people voted, and 93 million didn't. Including younger voters in these numbers would conclude to more votes all around. Also bringing in younger voters could get people who wouldn't particularly vote, to vote to try to counter act the students decisions which some people think are the "wrong" decisions. Even jobs such as babysitting and mowing lawns are considered a self-employment income. This means that if you make a certain amount, taxes can be taken away from it. Letting young people vote would help to benefit them with policies that help with their taxes now, and also as they become older.
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