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Maya Civilization: The Spanish Conquest

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Caro H.

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Maya Civilization: The Spanish Conquest

Maya Civilization: The Spanish Conquest After the Classic Period, the Maya civilization began to decline. Then the Spanish came to take over their lands. It was not a happy time. I am going to take you through a timeline of the Spanish Conquest, showing what happened to the Maya from 900 AD to 1697 After 900, conflicts within the Maya caused them to divide and fall from their former height. This may have contributed to how easily they were conquered. In 1519 Hernando Cortez landed on the in the Gulf of Mexico with 600 men, horses and guns. He was there to discover land for Spain. He assumed that they would be bad. Aztec Destruction Montezuma II, the leader at that time, greeted Cortez with gifts of gold and treasures. Aztec Destruction Cortez joined forces with those the Aztecs were oppressing and destroyed the Aztecs by 1521, then turned on his allies. Aztec Desruction Aztec Destruction 1521, and Spain owns all of Mexico. First Encounter In 1520 Christopher Columbus encounters a trading center of the Maya, but he did not explore further and instead continued south Maya Destruction In 1523 Pedro de Alvarado conquered the Maya with the help of Indian allies The Maya fought back against the Spanish valiantly, but the Spanish took control in 1542 By the mid-1500 Spanish cities were founded in Maya lands Bishop Diego de Landa ordered the Mayan books to be burned, all of them. Then he burned alive anyone who could read or write the Mayan language, so that it would be lost forever because he thought that the books "contained nothing but superstitions and falsehoods of the Devil". Along with the books he burned many other artifacts. The Burning of the Books Burning of the Books After the books were burned though, the Maya quickly learned the Spanish alphabet to recreate the books and continue their religion. Among those new books are "Popol Vuh" (1550's in Guatemala) and "The Books of Chilam Balam" (time unknown in Yucatan Hernendez de Cordoba is the first European to land on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in 1517. Sadly, after the Maya helped them to shore the Maya attacked them and Hernandez de Cordoba dies in battle. The Maya continued to have rebel outbreaks, but the Spanish kept control. The Maya leaders still kept some leadership, but an extremely small amount. Many Maya were killed and mistreated. They were forced to work for the Spanish. They were forced to convert to Christianity and change their lifestyle. Many Maya also died from Spanish diseases that were brought with the Spanish. The last Maya kingdom, Tayasal, was taken by the Spanish in 1697. I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan Francisco de Montejo and his son conquered Yucatan in the 1540's I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan I Dylan
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