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The Twelve Apostles

A famous landmark.

Sophia Tran

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The Twelve Apostles

How was it formed?
The Apostles were formed by erosion. Wind, sand, dust, water and soft limestone (which is involved in the materials that make up a cave) slowly forms the stacks of rock on the beach. The Apostles suddenly collapse due to more erosion. The Materials are blown and stuck together to make The Twelve Apostles.
How did the Twelve Apostles get it's name?
It is not known exactly when the limestone stacks became known as the Twelve Apostles… or why. Local folklore suggests that because they seem to exude such power and awe, visitors can only stand in awe of nature and its creation, and hence the name’s biblical origins.

What we now call the Twelve Apostles were originally called The Sow and Piglets. The Sow was Mutton Bird Island, which stands at the mouth of Loch Ard Gorge, and her Piglets were the 12 Apostles.
The Twelve Apostles is a landmark everyone likes to visit. It has lots of intersting thngs like having the name
'The Sow and Piglets'
. If you are interested go and visit The Twelve Apostles yourself!
Where is it located?
The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles is located in Port Campbell National Park Victoria. It is behind the building.
Here is a close up of the building
This is where Port Campbell is
The Twelve Apostles in 2002
The Twelve Apostles in 2012
Here is a video
Loch Ard Gorge
Loch Ard Shipwreck
Thank you for listening.
The Twelve Apostles/The Sow and Piglets
Hard rock
thinnest apostle
Smallest apostle
largest rock
The collapsed rock in 2012
This is a labelled diagram
My Predictions
I think that in 100 years, the future people will have a liquid containing about 40% of melted metal and pour it over The Twelve Apostles to prevent it from any more damage. Then instead of Port Campbell National Park, there would be a big transparent dome to look at the Apostles.
More erosion will occur and the The Twelve Apostles will collapes. But people will still consider the remains as a landmark because it would be a memory of it's previous form.
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