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Egyptian royal jewelry and the cartouche

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meredith reid

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Egyptian royal jewelry and the cartouche

Egyptian Cartouche and Royal Jewelry Different Types of Jewelry - Jewelry adorned frequently by symbols
-Amlets were worn as good luck charms engraved or shaped with symbols as scarabs, ankhs, cartouches, and the flower of life Scarabs = means rebirth
* made with green stones
* placed on the chest of the dead
Ankhs = means life
* made with precious metals
(like gold, silver, and copper)
Cartouches = worn mostly be pharaohs
* magical oval
* names inscribed in them
Flower of life = multiple circles overlapping each other to make a flower Pectorals Pectorals were large pieces of jewelry that covered the entire chest, worn by men and women. They were made of gold and semi-precious stones, that were all different shapes. The jewelry was pounded into sheets of gold, with precious stones. (such as turquoise, feldspar, and amethyst) Good Luck Charms Rings *necessity of men
*The man's ring was used as a seal, replacing a signature, that legally binded all documents.
* Wealth and class was determined on how elaborate the ring was.
Poor Egyptians = ring made of copper and silver
Rich Egyptians = made with jewels and intricate reliefs Here is what some of the rings look like...... Necklaces The necklaces were most popular with women and worn by all economic classes. Weight varied to those that are light and simple, to those that are huge and attached to pectorals. Made of beads, metal, and all different types material. The Egytian Cartouche What?
A Cartouche was a rectangular piece of gold or silver with a name carved into it (written in hieroglyphics, and there are about 40 pictures in their alphabet). It could be built into different forms like tombs and rings. 1 out of 5 names were written down and was surrounded by an oval and the text would indicate a royal name (most of the time). Sometimes the name would not be royal. The Catouche was very much like the shen ring. Why?
The Egyptians believed that the oval would protect whoever the name (that was encircled) belonged to. This meant that they would not disappear when they died. It also became a sign of good luck and protection from evil. Who?
Usually the Pharaohs used the Cartouche for protection, but rarely, Egyptians that were not royal would get a Cartouche. When and Where?
The Cartouche was introduced to Egyptians in the beginning of the 4th Dynasty by Pharaoh Sneferu.
The Cartouches can be found in Egypt on some Egyptian monuments. In the 5th Dynasty, the Cartouche was made big enough to write down their 2 most important names. What does it look like? The Cartouche was a vertical oval with a horizontal line at the bottom, it was sometimes made a horizontal oval to fit the name better with a vertical line on the left. Their name was written in the Egyptians alphabet which was called Heiroglyphics 5 W's Questions about the Cartouche: The history about the name:
The Egyptians refereed to the cartouche an Oblong plaquehenu as well as a shenu. Napoleons soldiers were the ones who named the name of a cartouche from Oblong plaquehenu/shenu to cartouche. Resources for Cartouche:







http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/cartouches.htm (also used for pics)





http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/cartouches.htm Resources for Egyptian Jewelry
*http://amuletsab.blogspot.ca/ *http://www.squidoo.com/history1
*google images for pictures
*prezi pictures Earrings Every person in Egypt in wore earrings, from birth to death. As soon as they were born, their parents would pierce their ears.They wore plugs, spacers, loops, and dangles. They were made of metal and wood.
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