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Argumentative Paragraph

No description

Megan Tyll

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Argumentative Paragraph

This is the 1st sentence of your paragraph
You must choose your side
Remember don't be "wishy washy!" Pick one side and stick to it.
State the topic and your opinion/argument on it.
Avoid this statement:
I believe/think
This is the 2nd sentence in your paragraph
You need to anticipate your opponents argument
The counter-argument is what the other side will say about your topic
You do NOT "attack" their position, instead acknowledge it
Begin counter-argument with a transition word
The rebuttal follows the counter-argument
This is where you state your argument/side with a specific reason
Begin rebuttal with a transition word
Should sum-up argument
End with a profound statement, a question, or a call to take action
new information should be introduced!!!!!
Begin with a transition word
Sentence(s)that follow the evidence
Explain what is important about the evidence
Tells the reader how it proves and supports the claim.
Transition Words:Counter-argument
One the one hand,
It could be argued,
Many people think
Some believe
Transition Words: Evidence
1st piece of evidence:
For example,
For instance,
This can be seen
Argumentative Paragraph
Dogs are the best pets to own.
On the one hand,
others may feel that cats make better pets because they are easier to take care of .
Transition Words: Rebuttal
On the other hand,
In contrast,
On the contrary,
One could also say

dogs are capable of sensing when you are sick or sad and automatically comfort you.
Evidence follows the rebuttal
This is where you support your claim
Two types of evidence:
: statistics, confirmed facts and expert research
: writer's personal experience or the experience of family and friend
Begin each piece of evidence with a transition word
For example,

after my grandpa died I was really sad. I didn't want to leave my room. My dog, meatballs, came and laid on my bed with me. He licked the tears off my face.
2nd piece of evidence:
In addition,
One can also say
Meatballs sensed how sad I was. The simple act of cuddling with me and showing me he cared helped me to come out of my bedroom and face the world again.
This is the last sentence of your paragraph
Transition Words: Conclusion Sentence
In conclusion,
To sum up,
In summary,
To summarize,
As can be seen,
In light of this overwhelming evidence,
Given all this,
As can be seen,

dogs make amazing pets and are considered mans best friend.
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