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Mentor Guidelines

No description

Theresa Cruz Paul

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Mentor Guidelines

William Paterson University Mentoring Program

Pioneering our future leaders!
Potential Activities
Sample Questions
What is Expected of a Mentor
Thank you for signing up to be a WP Trailblazer! We greatly appreciate your willingness to donate your time in supporting and guiding our students. We know that the mentoring experience will be beneficial for both the mentees and for you as well.
A mentor should always maintain a professional and respectful demeanor at all times
A mentor should be a source of information, inspiration, motivation, and support
A mentor should respond to mentee messages and if necessary reschedule appointments in a timely fashion
A mentor should be fully engaged in the mentorship within the parameters mutually agreed upon by mentor/mentee
A mentor is not expected to offer their mentees an internship or job
What is Expected from a Mentee
A mentee should respond to your messages in a timely fashion, within 48 hours
A mentee should always approach and respond to you in a professional and respectful manner
Since the mentees are students, it is understandable that at certain times they may be more busy than usual which may result in fewer instances of contact or mentoring activities at that time
Some mentees may be younger or more inexperienced in the professional realm therefore it is possible that some interactions may leave more to be desired, this is an excellent teachable moment
Be sure to set general expectations and clarify early on in the mentorship what each party expects to participate in and gain (for example frequency of interactions, purpose of interactions, etc.)

Remain open minded and flexible that sometimes things change therefore expectations and plans may need to be altered

Be prepared with proper activities or questions if needed (see the following slide for suggestions)

Important to remember that it is the quality of the interactions between a mentor and mentee that are much more important than the quantity of interactions

Be sure to spend time encouraging, informing, and helping the mentee with the many areas associated with career development

If upon discussing with a mentee a longer mentorship is decided upon, focus on building a strong foundation first (using following questions on the next slide to start), and then move on to more career oriented activities (clarify mentorship goals and potential activities such as resume review)

Remember if there are any problems or concerns you can always contact us at 972-720-3291 or trailblazers@wpunj.edu
What have your experiences been like at WP so far?
What has been your most treasured memory?
What major/minor are you pursuing/interested in pursuing?
What are you thinking of doing upon graduation?
What other kind of careers are you interested in?
What is your biggest fear upon graduation?
What would you like to gain from our mentorship?
What areas would you like to work specifically on?
What are some of your short term goals? Long term?
What was one of your most favorite activities/jobs and why? Describe it for me please
What would an ideal career look like for you? (Ask for specific details)
How did you decide you were interested in a career in _?
Explain to your mentee how your career path has developed over the years

Elaborate as to how your experiences at WP has helped shape who you are and the career choices you have made thus far

Ask the questions as listed in the previous slide

Conduct a variety of interviews with your mentee such as informational, general, or mock interviews

Show them how they can best utilize social media to help them network

Tell them a real life example of something you encounter in your work place and how you overcome it

If applicable, come up with a potential situation your mentee may encounter in the field and
If at any time throughout your mentoring experience you feel that something is wrong or that there is an issue, we suggest that first you try to address the matter with your mentee. If the issue is not resolved or if you still feel uncomfortable, you may always reach out for help by contacting us at 973-720-3291 or trailblazers@wpunj.edu.
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