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Oil Shale

No description

Peeraphat Panichsubngam

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Oil Shale

Oil Shale A What is the oil shale comes from ?? It comes from Kerogen and Silt li like algae and tiny animal
(plankton, insect ,smallfish) HEAT Oxygen -free Pressure TIME Kerogen Inorganic compound Organic compound Contains with Kerogen Bitumen Bitumen is completely soluble in organic solvent + = 1 like Benzene , Hexane , etc. 2 Kerogen isn't soluble in any solvent silt Silicate 1 Ex. Quartz Feldspar Carbonate 2 Ex. Calcite Dolomite Benefits From oil shale High Grade Fuel 1 Kerogen isn't soluble in any solvent Low Grade Fuel 2 Kerogen isn't soluble in any solvent Pyrolysis 450 - 500 degree celcius Kerogen Hydrocarbon (gas) Fractional distillation liquid Paraffin 1 Kerogen isn't soluble in any solvent Wax 2 Kerogen isn't soluble in any solvent Lubricant 3 Kerogen isn't soluble in any solvent What is Kerogen ?? Kerogen is organic substance THAT
comes from tiny things Outgrowth from Oil shale mining Uranium
Sulfur 4 4 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 Carbonfiber Carbon Black Brick Fertilizer By
Student #1,#20,#21,#22,#31 Thank you for your attention
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