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Amazon success case

No description

Maaz Humayun

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Amazon success case

Competitor Analysis The Amazon Effect: Industry Analysis Unfair Advantages Future Problems Sales tax on online transactions Recommendations TEAM 6 Success Case One stop location to buy anything - 16 departments
- Groceries, alethletic equipement
- Books, toys gardening Amazon is a price setter -Target is now price matching Amazon
-Best buy as well Minimal fixed costs Explosive Growth What the Future Holds The Mobile Effect Impact of Social Networks - Upkeep warehouses
- Maintain website
- No sales tax Amazon Prime - Free two day shipping
- Prime Instant Video
- Student rates History Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Washington Goes public in 1997 for
$18.00/share Grow Big Fast Becomes profitable
in 2001 Vast array of products and services Maaz Kurt Garron Corbin Foreign Regulations Mobile!!! Government is pushing for tax on online sales Issues are arising in numerous countries Tyler Make Kindle competitive with other
other mobile platforms -Licensing issues in China with Kindle Continue to Grow Work with schools and colleges to go paperless -India does not allow sales via Amazon Thin profit margins Varying market conditions
threaten small profits -No margin for error in bad economy - Add more departments
- Create more services
- Advertise more -Loss of unfair advantage Student discounts
for Kindle textbooks Continue to expand on a global level. Continue setting new trends in online shopping. Research and find ways to help prevent any future holiday "blackouts". Add more Prime memberships Increase content library AmazonBasics Quality products for a value price
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