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Value Based Selling

No description

Cecilia Crisostomo

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Value Based Selling

Understanding Value
Find: Where do leads come from?
Approach: Getting in contact with new leads
Probe: Getting to know their needs
Prove: Me to We's and Your time to shine
Close: Changing Lives
Goals for "Value Based Selling"
Getting to know you
What is Value?
What is value at Me to We
What are our sales practices?

What is your value based selling background?...
Value= Benefit- Cost
5 Steps to Selling
Current lead sources
We are an "Inside" and "Outside" sales team
Our team depends on "We Thinking, We Acting"
As a team, it is important to have an ear to the ground...

Engagement Generated
Organizationally Generated
We Day
Trips Re-engagmenet
Leadership Workshops
Speakers Bureau
Youth Summit
Eternal Referrals
Be in the know
Who is our Market?
Getting in Touch

What FTC Campaigns are going on?
What are the Leadership Speaking Tours all about?
What is Molly's speech all about?
Who were the speakers at We Day?
Who were the crowd Favorites at each We Day?
Building Rapport
Communication Habits
Why Do We Probe?
Power Questions
Effective Listening

Building Rapport
What does Poor Communication Look Like?
Being Caught Unprepared
Know your stuff, but don’t beat them up with it
Debating instead of Discussing
These words are not synonyms
Trying to be clear instead of being understood
Benefits and features are not the same thing
Using facts instead of a good story of metaphor
People understand facts but relate to stories
Thinking your Value proposition is the same as theirs
Know what your clients find valuable
What do you look for...?
What have you found...?
How do you propose...?
What has been your experience...?
How have you successfully used...?
How do you determine...?
Why is that a deciding factor...?What makes you choose...?
What do you like about...?
What is one thing you would improve about...?
What would you change about...?
Are there other factors...?
Power Qs
Knowing when to move to "Proving"
Style and Confidence
Our Why
Differentiating Competitive Advantage (DCAs)
Facing Objection
Cialdini's 6 Principles of Influence

Three Approaches to Closing
What happens to the youth's journey
Coordination Team
Social Proof
Commitment and Consistency
6 Principles
How do I know what someone finds valuable?
What are some things that our clients find valuable?
When do we discount?
What effect does discounting have on the perception of the value of our product?

it's a conversation not an info session
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