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The 11:59...the death train

No description

Chloe Ramirez

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of The 11:59...the death train

Analogy of Lester Simmons
*Older man probably in his late sixties or seventies

*African American

*A funny, lighthearted personality

*Good story teller

*persistent, didn't want to give up
Rising Action
Falling Action
What others think of Lester.

*they think of him as a friend and a father figure.

*think he is a good story teller and they enjoy his company.
The 11:59...the death train
By:Patricia McKissack
the 11:59
An old train porter, Lester, from St. Louis. He comes home from a long day of telling the story of the 11:59 train.
He hears the deadly whistle of the 11:59 death train and he his not ready to die.
Lester tries to cheat his death. He was paranoid. No use of fire, outside contact or anything that might be hurt full or cause any danger.
Rising Action
He hears the second whistle of the 11:59 death train. The death train is coming for him. His time is up
Lester has a conversation with his (imagination) friend Tip. They were talking about how he is going to die. Lester goes along with it saying that he has had a great life and is ready to go.
Falling action
The 11:59 death train is boarded. Lester ends up dying and the myth lives on.
Point of View
Third person limited
Ex:"Lester took joy in mesmerising his young listeners with all the details."
You can't cheat death.
Passangers are to train as Lester is to the 11:59 Death Train.
Figurative Language
Personification- 'He is lurking around.' (Reffering to death)
Figurative Language
Personification- "Time has always been by my side."
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