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Red-Bellied Piranha


Jordan Dee

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Red-Bellied Piranha

PIRANHA RED BELLIED LOCATION AND HABITAT Piranha's live in the fresh water rivers of South America
They are more generally found in the Amazon River.
75-85 degrees ferinheight is the usual climate of the rivers piranhas live in TAXONOMY Kingdom- Animalia
Phylum- Chordata
Scientific name- Pygocentrus nattereri; meaning "true piranha" SIZE and DESCRIPTION 8-12 INCES long
Silver scales, red on bellies
sharp, jagged teeth Piranha's eat once a day
hunt in schools of 20 or more
eat- worms, small fish, insects, and crustaceans DIET AND NUTRITION SPAWNING and REPRODUCTION When ready to spawn, females swell and males darken in color

the male digs out a bowl shaped nest that will offer the eggs protection

the female will pick a nest that will offer the most protection

6,000 orange colored eggs are laid by the female and then externally fertalized by the male

after 2-10 days (depending on the water temperature) the babies will hatch piranhas' aren't as dangerous as they are depicted in the media
locals swim in piranha-infested rivers and face no casualties
21 states ban the reprodution and captivity of Red-Bellied Piranhas, or require a permit
President Theodore Roosevelt wrote a book including piranha called "Through the Brazilian Wilderness" and brought the piranha to WESTERN civilization
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