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Specialized Pharmacy in Long Term Care

No description

Hanna Morelli

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of Specialized Pharmacy in Long Term Care

Kelsey Commager, Paul D'Alessio, Megan Ellinger, Hanna Morelli, and Jolene Vincel

Interact and care for patients
while in a nursing home, pharmacists can interact with patients if needed because patients are always around
Interact with other health care professionals
many other health care professionals, such as nurses and physicians, are also in close contact in nursing home setting
Apply skills learned in school
pharmacokinetics, lab assessments, clinical therapeutics
Engage in more of an educational role for patients
always around if patients have questions
Engage in active problem solving
alter ways for patients take medications
Average Annual Salary-$110,000
heavy load of paperwork
administrative duties can be burdening
repetitive work
long hours
many legal responsibilities and regulations
discrepancies between health care professionals
patients often do not improve in health
emotional burden of patient death
What Is It?
A form of pharmacy that generally practices in a nursing home environment and interacts with geriatric patients

Role/Purpose of Pharmacists in Nursing Home Centers
Daily Activities of a Nursing Home Pharmacist
- deal with patient compliance
-notice drug interactions/limit adverse reactions
- drug therapy regimens
- special need of patients

Help nursing home residents obtain/maintain their medications
Patient counseling
Interact with physicians, nurses, and patient caregivers
Make dosage adjustments
Management of drug interactions/polypharmacy
Requirements of being a Nursing Home Pharmacist
Dispensing Costs
-long term care pharmacy dispensing costs:
-$13.54 for a 30 day supply prescription
-typical community pharmacy:
-$10.64-$10.72 for a 30 day supply prescription
-Reason for this: specialized needs in long term care pharmacies
-ex: specialized, easy access packaging
Consulting: 30%
Compounding/dispensing: 24%
Administrative duties: 19%
Educating health-care professionals: 7%
Travel: 3%
Professional reading: 3%
Other 2%
Percentages of Daily Activities
Employment Outlook
There is a need for nursing home pharmacists working in long care facilities.
In a survey, 59% of pharmacists felt that their jobs were secure while 19% felt that they had little job security.
The large aging population will require more pharmacists to monitor their numerous prescriptions.
Projected 25% increase by 2020
Pharm D degree
Pass the NAPLEX and state tests
May need to complete a 1-2 year residency
In depth understanding of geriatrics
Geriatrics pharmacology
Knowledge of specific medications used in caring for the elderly
Continuing education requirements
Considering Long Term Care?
Must haves:

Good Communication Skills

Patient Oriented

Prepared for long, hard, and stressful hours
"Chicago College of Pharmacy - Pathway Evaluation Program." Chicago College of Pharmacy - Pathway Evaluation Program. Midwestern University, n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2013. http://mwunet.midwestern.edu/academic/CCP/Glaxo/ccpPEP.htm.

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"Why Get Started in Consultant Pharmacy? | American Society of Consultant Pharmacists." Why Get Started in Consultant Pharmacy? | American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2013. https://www.ascp.com/articles/why-get-started-consultant-pharmacy

Suttle, Rick. "The Salary of a Pharmacist Working at a Nursing Home." Everyday Life. Global Post, n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2013. http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/salary-pharmacist-working-nursing-home-33679.html.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists empowers pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to enhance quality of care for all older persons through the appropriate use of medication and the promotion of healthy aging.

The vision of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists is optimal medication management and improved health outcomes for all older persons.
Interested in Nursing Home Pharmacy?

ASCP-American Society of
Consult Pharmacy
Who Nursing Home Pharmacies Care For

Primarily patients who are in a long term care facility
Patients with HIV
Multiple Sclerosis
Developmental Challenges
Long Term Care Facilities

Career Paths in Long Term Pharmacy
-Nursing homes
-Assisted living facilities
-Group homes
-Rehabilitation facilities
- Based on a recent study of long term
care pharmacists:
- 38% are independent long term care consultants
- 35% practice in a community setting
- 27% practice in institutional
Dispensing and management
Consult Management
Schommer JC, Brown LM, Sogol EM. Career Pathway Evaluation Program 2007 Pharmacist Profile Survey. June 2007. http://www.pharmacist.com/sites/default/files/files/Profile_17_long-term_care_SDS_FINAL_090407.pdf.

"Pharmacy Is Right for Me - Long-Term Care Pharmacy." Pharmacy Is Right for Me - Long-Term Care Pharmacy. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2013. http://www.pharmacyforme.org/index.php/pharmacy-in-action/what-kind-of-pharmacy-is-right-for-you/16-pharmacy-career-profiles/21.

Barber, Albert. "Pharmacy Services in Nursing Homes Are Highly Specialized." Pharmacy Services in Nursing Homes Are Highly Specialized. Golden Living Centers, 05 Jan. 2010. Web. 17 Nov. 2013. http://www.goldenlivingcenters.com/expert-thinking/blogs/post.aspx?assetId=70ea0fcc-325b-4dcc-b056-eb8fd444cb15.
Two main career options include: dispensing management and consultant management
Specialized Pharmacy in Long Term Care
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