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Connor Creek

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Eragon

By: Chris Paolini Eragon Characters Setting The main conflict in this story is of Eragon facing the Ra'zac after his uncle's death. Conflict The point of veiw in Eragon is third person becuase it is told by thae auther as the narrater. Point of view Theme 1.
Eragon is a young man from the small village of Carvahall.
Nephew to Garrow cousin to Roran.
Lived on a small farm on the out skirts of Carvahall till he found a blue stone in the forest. Turned out to be a dragon egg.
Became the first dragon Rider in over a centuray.
Gained the power of magic after becoming a rider. 2.
Was the dragon in the egg.
Was a bright blue sapphire coloring.
Was bounded with Eragon the moment she hatch and futher bounded the second Eragon touch her as a hatchling giving him the gedwey insignya. 3.
Taught Eragon the basic of sword fighting and magic.
Was the story teller if Carnevalle.
Was involved with the Vardon.
Gave Eragon a sword named Zar'roc.(Zar'roc=miseray) 4.
Immortal king of the empire.
Was a dragon Rider.
The reason the Vardon and the elves stole Saphira's egg. 5.
Son of the first Forsworn.
Saved Eragon from the Ra'zac.
Saved Eragon from the Ra'zac and from Durza in Gil'ead. 6.
Elf captured by the shade Durza.
Saved by Saphira, Eragon, and Murtagh at Gil'ead. Other characters include;
Urgals, Jeod, Ra'zac, Katrina, Sloan, Garrow, Raoran, and Durza. The setting of this book is in the country Alagaesia.
Some city inthe book are Gil'ead, Teirm, Dras-Leona, Carnvahall, Uru'baen, and Tronjheim. This book takes place in the middle ages. Another conflict is Eragon runing from the all might king's forces. The last conflict is the battle between the vardon and army of Kull and urgals. This prezi is brought to you by;
Zach Martain, Will Moore, Connor Creek, and Sean Compton. 7.
A group of rebels trying to end Galbatorix tyranny and free Alagaesia.
Lead by Ajihad Ajihad The theme of the book was never stop trying in what you believe in. Our hearty kingdom, home to such places as Dras’leaona, Uru’bean and Gil’ead! Our army is ready to pulverize any threat! All hail Galbatorix! And last but not least, the EMPIRE! A treacherous place, Galbatorix once lost an army in here! Only urgals and brave hunters dare journey into it! The spine! A country right below us, home to many varden lovers! There army is small, though, and have only survived because they aren’t a threat! Surda! We are not sure where the elves are hiding, but we do know one thing: they are a force to be reckoned with! Elven kingdom! This magical continent under a utter diplomat is home to the magical forests of the elves, the beor mountains (claimed by the dwarves) and the massive Empire!!! Welcome to
ALAGAESIA!!! By: Sean, Will , Connor, and Zach. Setting of Eragon The dwarven land, while still very rich, is considered dead by most in our fair country, and is barely fighting the empire. Beor Mountains
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