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Who invented school?

No description

Sai Nandivada

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Who invented school?

Who invented school?
There's something I want to know.
I've been wondering for a while.
Horace Mann
Yukozimo.com says something along the lines of, the first school system was patented by a man named Horace Mann, in 1837. That led to educational historians calling him the "Father of the Common School Movement". (http://invention.yukozimo.com/who-invented-schools/ )
Well, then who invented it?
Whoinventedit.net talks about how the Byzantines could be the real creators of the school system. They wanted more specific subjects to learn at a time, like math, language, history, etc. (http://www.whoinventedit.net/who-invented-school.html)
But wait!
That same source talks about the fact that while he was the one who patented it, he wasn't the one who came up with the idea of sitting in a classroom learning. He didn't come up with the idea for children to be kept in a building together. He just patented the idea of having what we call Public School. (http://invention.yukozimo.com/who-invented-schools/)
Mr. School
Yukozimo.com also talks about how the first actual school building was created by a man named Harry P. School in the year 1369. Except, Harry School's school was nothing like our schools. Rather than a place of education, it was a place of punishment to leave bad children. Eventually, adults were employed and slowly, it became the place of learning it is today. (http://invention.yukozimo.com/who-invented-schools/)
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