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LOTF: Sam and Eric

No description

Jasmine Hafalla

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of LOTF: Sam and Eric

Quote 8 " Two boys rolled out a pile of brushwood and dead leaves, two dim shadows talking sleepily to each other. [...] In theory one should have been asleep and one on watch. But they could not manage to do things sensibly if that means to act independently," (96)
-In chapter 6, the twins were on fire duty
-this represents unity because working independently means they can't be rescued (what fire repesents)
-This represent loss of innocence because they may look innocent but their true shadows will emerge later in the novel Quote 1 -'It was furry. There was something moving behind its head-wings. The Beast moved too-' 'That was awful. It kind of sat up-' 'The fire was bright-' 'We'd just made it up-' '-more sticks on-' 'There were eyes-' 'teeth-' 'claws-' (101)
-In chapter 6, Sam and Eric are telling the other boys what they saw while on fire watch
-this represent masses because without even seeing the beast in person they automatically believe the twins because of their scars like how people believed the world was going to end in 2012 without out even looking at the actual Mayan calender
-this represent masses because they all assembled to hunt for the beast Quote 2 Quote 3 -Jack: 'You're sure he'd hide in there?"
'He meant he'd (Ralph) hide in there?'
Samneric; 'Yes-yes-oh-!' (192)
-In chapter 12, Samneric betrayed Ralph by telling Jack where Ralph is when they promised him not to tell
- This represents society now because society now lets fear controls you like how Samneric didn't want to tell Ralph's whereabouts, but they told Jack because they are afraid of him.
-This represents collapse of society because the twins choose savagery over civilization Quote 4 -" Sam and Eric, looked in an embrace, were fighting each other." (165)
-In chapter 10, Sam and Eric are fighting OBVIOUSLY
-This represents falling of brotherhood because they turn on each other like how Judas betrays Jesus
-This represents man vs. himself because Sam and Eric are referred as one person as in Samneric and they are fighting each other. -Ralph: 'Sam-I'm going to be all right, aren't I?.'(190)
-In chapter 12, Ralph is all by himself and entrusting his life with Samneric.
- This represents loyalty because Samneric tells Ralph what is going to happen to him even though, they are on Jack's side.
-This represents loyalty because even though they are on Jack's side they don't want to tell Jack about Ralph's whereabouts but ending up saying it because they are afraid of Jack by:
Jasmine Hafalla
Joshua Badua
Chris Efhan Sam and Eric Quote 5 Quote 6 Quote 7 - 'You got to treat Samneric as one turn. They do everything together-' (138)
- In chapter 10, Ralph and Piggy are deciding how to keep the fire going
-This represents unity because they are treated as one person
-This represents reliance because they rely on each other to do everything together -" Jack glanced back at Ralph and then at the twins. 'Grab them!' " (179)
- In chapter 11, Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric went to Jack's tribe to get Piggy's glasses back and Jack grabs the twins
-This shows violence because Jack uses violence against Samneric to join his side
-This represents fear because they let fear control them by joining Jack's side - "Now the painted group felt otherness Samneric, felt the power in their own hands. " (179)
- Jack has tied the twins and are painting their faces.
-This shows power because they joined Jack's group and became savaged
-This shows violence because Jack uses violence against Samneric to join his side
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