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The Jewish World

Information about the Jewish World during the Middle Ages.

Ranjitha V

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The Jewish World

THE JEWISH WORLD DURING THE MIDDLE AGES In ancient times many jews had resided in
Israel which was located in jerusalem. Many jews
had left their homeland because in A.d. 70, Romans had
banished jews from their holy land. The center of jewish life during the
middle ages was located in persia and
mesopotamia. Muslims treated jews better
than the christians. Jews were settling in all
parts of the world including asia, europe,spain,
Some jews settled on the Iberian Penninsula in spain.
there they developed their own distinct ethnic group called
sephardim. In spain they developed their own language with a mix of
spanish and hebrew called ladino. jews outside of spain were called ashkehazim
and they spoke yiddish. Ladino text Yiddish text Meanwhile european christians treated
jews with hatred, brutality and cruelity. during and after
the time of the crusades, german towns slaughtered mANY
WEAR SPECIAL CLOTHING. Many jews held jobs in the banking
business and they ended up working as moneylenders. many christians at that time didn't lend money because the jewish people worked there.
Many of the european
Christians claimed that
many of jews stole their
jobs. they were pointing fingers
at the jews. Many european countries even expelled
jews from their country!!!!!! France expelled many jews in 1182.
they expelled many jews in order to
seize their assests. In 1290, the english first
kept the jews in england
and made a profit off of them
and they sent them off in the
end. In 1492, many of the jews living
in spain were kicked out because
they did not convert to christianity. The treatment of jews was
very horrid back in the middle ages.
they were blamed with false accusations
and they also were thrown out of many
countries also because of fasle accusations.
all in all, I feel that the jews in middle ages were
treated very badly. The jewish world during
the Middle ages had brought
an end to feudalism because since
many of the countries and people were
against the jews, they were being killed
and because of that many of the christians
in europe banded together to do so.
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