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This is my life

This is my life

manuel pinto

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of This is my life

What are my skills and characteristics?

What are my goals and achievements?

What do my family think of me?

What's my life project? Who am I? How are my relationships and
relation with nature? What are my personal
characteristics? ¿Puedo realizar una exposición escrita sobre mi personalidad y realizar un análisis constructivista hacia el futuro? What can I say about me? 1) What are my goals and achievements?

2) How do I consider my life so far?

3) What are my habits, hobbies, likes and
most significant experiences? 1) What do my relatives and friends
think about me?

2)What do I think about renewable

3) How do I cooperate to care our
planet? What are my skills?
Take a look on your experiences and habits
and tell what are you good at, what
you are outstanding at, and what can
you do better than others... Remember that you have to use when talking about yourself...

1. Present simple.
2. Present perfect simple.
3. Present perfect continuous.
4. Past simple
5. Past continuous Use state verbs to talk about your routines, customs and
daily activities...
for example:
1) likes and dislikes
2) your belongings
3) courses, trainnings, practices or hobbies
4) mandatory tasks, routines, and how is a day for you. What do my family and friends think about me? Ask some of your closest relatives to tell 3 words about you, also ask them to explain why those words describe you or are related to you. What is my relationship with nature?
Tell how people (relatives, friends, teachers or anyone) teach you to care our planet, also what things have you done to protect the environment. Your task is create a 100 words text describing your relationship with your environment and people within it. After find information about you from
your close people, make a self-refletion
and describe yourself, create a 100 words
text. All your conclusions must me summarized in a prezi.com presentation... The final project is based on two activities:

1) An essay about your life and expections for the future...
2) A prezi.com presentation to show your conclusions... NOTE: the first checking session will be on the seventh (7th) week.
The final presentation on the 8th and tenth weeks... Thanks for your attention,
now is your time to work.

Manuel Andrés Pinto.
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