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Valentina Llinas

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of PV

These stereotypes perpetuate myths about male and female roles in society*:


stereotypes dictate that

it is only the woman who can provide the care children need - devaluing the vital role played by the man in the home.
In the
, stereotypes help men advance towards senior roles but hinder the progression of women.
Bias is the inclination to hold a partial perspective regarding an individual, a race, a religion, a social class, a political party, or a gender, based on our beliefs about what is safe, familiar, and valuable.*

It is part of our nature to be attracted to information that confirms these beliefs and to screen out information which conflicts with our expectations. This keeps biases constantly in operation...*
The First Barrier: Unconscious Bias
What is it?
Why does it happen?
What can we do to change?
Unfortunately, just like in the video, unconscious bias is continually - unconsciously - at work in our minds, leading us to ignore evidence that does not fit what we are looking for.*

Humans categorize and systematize information because it’s an innate process and at the heart of our evolutionary success. For example, take gender categorizations:

Me? I'm not biased!
Harvard IAT Test results show 76% of 400.000
men and women
have at least a slight automatic association of
Male with Career and Female with Family
Gender Bias
- Leads to false assumptions, incorrect judgments, and erroneous decision making.

- Inhibits performance of those on the receiving end of the bias.*
Huggies - Putting Dads to the Test
Pantene - A Man's Boss, a Woman Bossy
- Conscious
- Intentional
- Subject to Logic
Explicit Gender Bias
- Unconscious
- Automatic
- Logic Irrelevant
Implicit Gender Bias
types of bias. They have an
powerful effect on our judgement.
What are the risks of bias?
What is the truth about gender difference?
Men and women have physical distinctions that
do not
influence features such as intelligence, skills, or behavior.
The simple truth is, any difference in gender is a product of nurture and not anything genetic or hardwired in our brains.*
Scientific data proves that there is no difference in leadership effectiveness between men and women.*
"Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus"
"Men are from Earth and Women are from Earth!"
George Carlin - Author / Social Critic
Women cheat on their partner at about the same rate that men do.*
When playing anonymously, women are more aggressive at online games than men.*
Men buy and sell shares less rationally than women.*
Makes you question some stereotypes, doesn't it?
positive stereotypes
, they are still stereotypes.
"Women bring something different to the organization because they are softer, better at relationships, more empathetic..."

Be more conscious about our language, symbols, narratives, and practices.
Recognize that our beliefs about gender are indeed beliefs and not true knowledge.
Realize that gender bias has an impact on all forms of organizational life and create awareness of this.
Elevate corporate reputation
Progress so far: LATAM
How are managers and directors going to contribute?
Watch out for potential gender bias
Better represent the talent pool
*Kandola, B., Kandola, J.
The Invention of Difference: The story of gender bias at work
. Pearn Kandola Publishing; 2014.
By becoming more aware of implicit bias/ stereotypes and how they can influence decisions, people may be able to limit the influence that implicit bias has on their own behavior.
* Numbers specified on the Implicit Association Test for Harvard University's Project Implicit.
*Jain, N.
Men Are from Mars and so are Women
. Forbes Magazine, August 2012.
Help me define bias...
*KP, Mark., et al.
Infidelity in heterosexual couples: demographic, interpersonal, and personality-related predictors of extradyadic sex
. Archives of Sexual Behavior; October, 2011.
*Barber, B., Odean, T.
Boys will be boys: Gender, overconfidence, and common stock investment
. The Quarterly Journal of Economics; February, 2001.
*Lightdale, J., Prentice, D.
Rethinking Sex Differences in Aggression: Aggressive Behavior in the Absence of Social Roles
. University of Princeton's Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin; February, 1994.
*Burke, E., Glennon, R.
The SHL Talent Report: Big Data Insight and Analysis of the Global Workforce
. CEB; 2012.
Our strategy for F15-F20
For Example...
Questions that you may have right now...
Diversity matters because it improves our organizational culture and visibly impacts business results.
Being aware of potential gender bias is a great starting point.
Managers have a crucial role in achieving these results.
"The power to make the change is in our heads. The world of work is what we think it is, what we say it is, and what we hear it is. If we can think, speak, and hear anew, then we can make it new."
Putting it all together
SABMiller is committed to pursuing gender balance with a vision of improving key indicators in the next 5 years.
Outcomes from studies have shown that balanced gender diversity can have positive results on:
Let's define Diversity
Share prices of companies with women board members outperformed those without women board-members in the past 6 years by
Gender-balanced teams are the most likely to experiment, be creative, share knowledge, and fulfill tasks.*

Diversity = Variety of...
But... why does it matter?
A greater diversity promotes a better representation of the community in which we operate (consumer market and labor market) enabling us to compete with a much broader spectrum of ideas and insights.
However, only 19% of global executive roles are held by women.*
*Worldometer. (2015).
Today, our world has 49.6% women and 50.4% men.*
*Mercer. (2014).
When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive
The evolution of gender diversity in the corporate world
Although the corporate world still has a long way to go for 50/50 representation, there is an increased interest in achieving gender balance.
*Fortune. (2014).
Women CEOs in the Fortune 1000: By the numbers
In the United Kingdom, for every 10% increase in gender diversity in the senior-executive team, EBIT rose by
Source: Credit Suisse Research Institute. (2010).
Gender Diversity and Corporate Performance
. This study analyzed 2,360 companies of which 59% had one or more women board-members.
Source: Mckinsey & Company. (2014).
Diversity Matters
. This study analyzed 366 companies.
*Lehman Brothers Center for Women in Business. (2008).
Men and women in teams
. The study surveyed 1,400 team members from 100 teams at 21 companies in 17 countries.
Financial Performance
Share Values
Organizational Culture
Gender diversity makes business sense.
These studies showed that

is the most influential on business results, followed by
ethnic diversity
This study draws from sources such as:
Mckinsey & Company, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Management and Organization, Journal of Business Ethics
Catalyst. (2013).
Why Diversity Matters
Trusted research consistently finds that diverse and inclusive workplaces make for:
Improved financial performance
Leveraged talent
More precise market representation
Increased innovation and group performance
more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians
Why does diversity matter in the business?
Diversity Matters
Traditionally, beer has been presented to be mostly for men.
We want to tackle this perception and promote gender diversity at all levels of our business.
Like a Girl
TV Commercial has become one of the most watched commercials in Youtube of all time since June 2014.
of all consumer purchasing decisions are driven by women.*
*The Nielsen Company. (2014).
Women of Tomorrow
**Ernst & Young. (2013).
Women: The next emerging market.
In December 2014, Nike saw a 15% increase in quarterly revenue, largely due to its efforts to cater to women.
Dove sales have jumped from 2.5 billion to 4 billion since its women-empowering campaign for Real Beauty initially launched in 2004.
Other companies have capitalized on women's purchasing power to increase results:
*OECD. (2012).
Education at a Glance 2012: Highlights
. OECD Publishing.
**Women's Business Council. (2014).
Maximizing Women's Contribution to Future Economic Growth
Why pursue gender diversity?
...With more females graduating from Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering Careers than ever before!**
Of global university graduates are female with an increasing trend.*
Target the female consumer
In the next 5 years, the global income of women will grow twice as much as China and India's GDP combined.**
El Salvador
North America
Female Managers & Executives: 25%
SABMiller's Current Female Representation
LATAM Current Situation Q3-F15
Latin America
Obstacles that women face...
Increase Female representation in Manager and Executive roles to 35% in LATAM by F20.
Increase in-flow of women by making all of our external hires to be 50% women for Manager and Executive roles.
Increase Excom female Representation by ensuring one more woman in every Excom.
Manager & Executive Female Representation by Area
Executive Female High Potentials
'Double burden' of career and domestic tasks
Sacrificing promotions for family
Male-dominated work cultures
Anytime, anywhere model of business
Gender stereotyping
Individual levels of ambition, motivation, and professional confidence
Pursuing gender balance in SABMiller...
LATAM Targets for F20
Female Representation by Levels
Country Female Representation by Levels
Drop in
Female Representation
Structural Obstacles
Institutional Mindsets
Lifestyle Choices
Individual Mindsets
Lack of access to networks and sponsors
Missing critical career opportunities
What we're going to discuss
6. Our plan and how managers will contribute

Diversity &
What is the purpose of this session?
What is Gender Diversity?
What do you think gender diversity brings to the table?
Gender diversity is about ensuring balanced representation of both genders and valuing their contributions on equal terms.

It's not about feminism, machismo or sexism.
According to Neuroscience, male and female brains complement each other and create
balanced teams
Gender Balance at SABMiller
Managers' Contribution

As part of our Prosper Strategy, SABMiller recognizes the value of diversity and equality outside and inside the organization.
In this session, we will explain why diversity matters, how companies with higher diversity deliver superior results, what we are doing in the region and the local markets in this regard, and how, together, we will achieve a more diverse and inclusive organization starting with gender balance.
Better Represent the Talent Pool
Consolidate our Corporate Reputation
1. Diversity and inclusion in the corporate world
2. Why this is important for the business
3. What it means for SABMiller: Gender balance
4. The first barrier to a gender inclusive culture: Unconscious Bias
5. What we have done so far
What does diversity mean for us today?
Look around you... How do you think the diversity of this group has contributed...
And to
To the
Gender Diversity
Taking into account that gender diversity is the most influential diversity factor on business results and culture, we're putting a special focus on it.
*Pace, Elizabeth.
The X and Y of Buy: Sell More and Market Better by Knowing How the Sexes Shop
. Nelson, Thomas, Inc; 2009.
One of the first obstacles that we will need to tackle is
unconscious bias
since this is an underlying cause of all other barriers to a gender inclusive culture.
The evolution of gender diversity in the corporate world
*Bloomberg. (2014).
Women on Boards
Companies that have signed UN's WEP:
Creation of UN's Women Empowerment Principles
*Consulted on February, 2015 in weprinciples.org.
Female board members in FTSE-1000 Companies*
UN's Women Empowerment Principles*
Female CEOs in Fortune 1000 Companies*
What are our D&I Principles?
Gender diversity in other companies
% of Companies with at least 2 women on their Board or Executive Committee*
Gender diversity in other companies
*20-First (2014).
Global Gender Balance Scorecard
. March,2014.
*20-First (2014).
Global Gender Balance Scorecard
. March,2014.
Identify and encourage women as role models. (2016)
Encourage employees to communicate their limitations in mobility and career advancement in order to facilitate development of high talent. (Ongoing)
Reinforce transparency in succession and career planning processes. (Ongoing)
Reinforce employee's professional confidence in career advancement. (Ongoing)
Recruit 50% female/male, including at least one woman in the finalists. Provide equal opportunity to external candidates. (Ongoing)
Ensure gender balanced interview panels, including at least one woman in the group. (Ongoing)
Include diversity initiatives in Regional EVP, with D&I success stories. (2015)
Create partnerships with universities, technical institutes and women forums/associations to attract females especially in Sales, Technical, and Distribution. (2015)
Change mindset to be open to all possibilities in terms of those who can perform the role. "Don't assume, ask." (Ongoing)
Target women consumption. (Ongoing)
Create policies for career flexibility schemes in which career breaks for employees can be allowed. (2015)

Create and ensure networking spaces that are accessible for all team members. (Ongoing)
Initiate a regional sponsorship/mentorship program for H+ High Talent. (2015)
Ensure transparency in internal recruitment processes by posting jobs, and establish clear two-way communication and feedback at the end of each process (Ongoing)
Track performance indicators in retaining, promoting, and developing both women and men. (Ongoing)
Guarantee that the participation in LDPs are gender balanced.
Create spaces to reinforce our D&I and gender balance principles.
In all trainings that invoke leadership behaviors, reinforce D&I as a part of "Develop our people and organization for the long term."
Encourage work-life balance practices and create flex-time, part-time and telecommuting policies. (2015)
Reinforce coaching practices with managers. (2015-2016)
Create Employee Recognition Programs at H+ levels for achievements, going above and beyond the call of duty, role modeling, and emulating leadership behaviors/values . (2015)
Keep improving practices to increase objectivity in employee potential and performance assessment.
Establish exit interviews and focus groups to identify gender diversity opportunities. (2015)
Assess current practices and facilities to ensure gender equality (compensation, maternity and paternity leaves, parking lots, bathrooms, etc.). (Ongoing)
Continue implementing infrastructure practices that facilitate work-life balance, mobility, and working conditions (i.e. Childcare centers, cleaning services, relocation for spouses). (Ongoing)
Who are the Champions of this strategy?
- Sponsorship of 4e program
- Holding group discussions about women in the corporate world
- Presence in National Women's Summit
- Relationships with local universities
0-15% with female CEO
Underlying obstacle: Unconscious Bias
Identify biases that you may carry...
In respect to gender?
Kandola, B., Kandola, J.
The Invention of Difference: The story of gender bias at work
. Pearn Kandola Publishing; 2014.
For our people...Employer of Choice:
We value a work environment where diversity is embraced
We acknowledge that each team is made stronger by the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of individuals
We strive to enable all employees to fulfill their potential without barriers
We leverage diversity to achieve company business objectives

For our Customers and Consumers... Provider of Choice:
We capitalize on our diversity of brands, operations, and backgrounds to satisfy the needs of our customers and consumers and succeed in the marketplace
We acknowledge the power of our local and global heritage to bring innovation to our portfolio

For our Suppliers... Business Partner of Choice:
We recognize that working and strongly supporting a wide range of professional providers throughout our entire value chain strengthens the communities we serve and creates value for our shareholders
H+ Turnover & Reasons for Leaving
Source: Mckinsey & Company (2012).
Women Matter: Making the breakthrough
Gender bias in the workplace
*Kandola, B., Kandola, J.
The Invention of Difference: The story of gender bias at work
. Pearn Kandola Publishing; 2014.
CV Evaluation
*Kandola, B., Kandola, J.
The Invention of Difference: The story of gender bias at work
. Pearn Kandola Publishing; 2014
Gendered Roles

Case 2. A woman in a pink dress is interviewing for a clerk position in a warehouse.

It is critical to focus on what the person can achieve and is capable of doing independent of their gender, physical appearance, origin, sexual preferences, social class, and age.
In a study by Princeton University conducted in October 2012, 127 professors agreed to determine a candidate's suitability (on a scale from 1 - 7) and starting salary for a role. They were all given the exact same CV, but, for half, the candidate was called John and the other half it was Jennifer. On average, Jennifer received 17% lower score and 12% less salary.
In general?
"We will operate within a vibrant, thriving, and profitable beer category where
male and female
, rich and poor, young legal drinking age and older adult consumers love beer and value it for its authenticity, provenance, naturalness, local pride, heritage, and equality."
Alan Clark
For example...In the recruitment processes:
Bias in Interviews
*Moss-Racusin, C.A., et al.
Science faculty’s subtle gender biases favor male students
. PNAS; October, 2012.
- LATAM Regional Excom

- LATAM and Country Talent Management

- Country Excoms with the strong support of HR VPs

- Directors and managers at regional and country level
"Beer has shaped social interaction for centuries. But to maintain its relevance in this century, we have to continue to change the way in which we market, package, and serve our beer to ensure that we win both with women and on new drinking occasions. This doesn't mean taking a simplistic gender specific view or targeting women overtly, but creating inclusive, authentic, mixed-gender drinks that keep the beer category relevant as consumer behaviors and preferences change. "
Sue Clark
H+ & X+ Appointments: Leaking Talent Pipeline
Are the actions exclusively focused on women?
Is this plan only going to benefit women?
How can I measure if I'm on the right track?
39 Reasons Why Diversity Matters
*Seibt, B, Forster, J.
Stereotype threat and performance: How self-stereotypes influence processing by inducing regulatory foci
. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; 2004.
Mckinsey found companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are
Case 1. A male applies for a PA position.
We have identified several initiatives that will enable us to progress in our journey towards gender balance, and we will need your leadership, your championing, and your initiative.
The road ahead...
Education & Awareness
Attraction & Development
Logistics & Infrastructure
External Presence
- Increased hiring of female external talent
- Gender balance in our supernumerary program
- Ensuring female successors for X+ roles
- Exit interviews
- Focus groups
- Flextime
- Surveys
- Mentoring
- Coaching
- Speakers on D&I
- Videos with female success stories
- Sensibility programs
- Women in leadership training
- Women's bathroom in plants
- Lactation rooms
- Beauty Salons
- Preferential parking for pregnant women
Focus Areas
With women representing around 70% of our 4e program beneficiaries, we are providing essential support to improving and growing their businesses, supporting family planning, and turning
into community leaders, to the benefit of neighborhoods around them.
Gender diversity in other companies

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