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On My First Daughter

by Ben Johnson

Kathryn Foley

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of On My First Daughter

On My First Daughter Ben Jonson Here lies to each her parents' ruth
Mary, the daughter of their youth;
Yet, all heaven's gifts, being heaven's due It makes the father less to rue
At six months' end, she parted hence
with safety of her innocence;
Whose soul heaven's Queen (whose name she bears),
In comfort of her mother's tears,
Hath placed amongst her virgin-train;
Where, while that severed doth remain,
This grave partakes the fleshy birth,
Which cover lightly, gentle earth Tone: calm, mourning the death of his young daughter "At six months' end" calm because he knows she is in heaven with Mary...her namesake June 11th 1572 bricklaying and
army Anna Lewis Philip Henslowe young parents the gifts of heaven have a price "safty of her innocence" "this grave partakes the fleshly birth" asking to protect lightly with the earth http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/jonson/benbio.htm
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