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STRAT MAN General Motors Strategic Analysis

MGMT Presentation

Logan Smith

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of STRAT MAN General Motors Strategic Analysis

Internal Environment Financial Summary
and Corporate Governance General Motors Financial
Performance Gross Profit Market Share of Automobile Industry Corporate Governance CEO Daniel Akerson
Product Development
Customer-centric model
Increased efficiency/lower
cost structure

Social Responsibility
Health and Human Services
Environment and Energy
Community Development Strengths Factories located around the world
International and region specific brands Chevrolet: International*
(*excluding Australia and New Zealand) Vauxhall: United Kingdom Opel: International*
(*excluding North America and the United Kindom) Opportunities Hybrid Vehicles Significant room to grow
Improving affordability of electric vehicles
Economic improvements Reducing Gas Prices
Being a late mover into the hybrid market Threats Weaknesses Hindered by labor contracts
US Government involvement
SUV concentration PEST Political Recommendations Non US Markets Decrease average wage rate
Reduce cost by avoiding Union fees
Local Customization strategy TECHNOLOGY Embracing the Electric Vehicle Market
Investing in Research & Development To design, build and sell the world's best vehicles. General Motors Vision Statement Thank you! To conclude: GM needs to mold its global model to fit the shifting, globalizing world
Effort required to engage in making an environmental difference
We were hit hard, but GM has a proud history and we are on our way back to the top. Back-up Slides: GM was hit hard by the global recession in 2008.
Aided by the US government to restructure the company.
The company filed for bankruptcy in 2009.
Company was restructured with investment from the American and Canadian governments as well as other investors.
Brands such as Hummer, Saturn and Pontiac are no longer under the GM umbrella following the restructuring.

This is a further example of US dependency. Holden: Australia, New Zealand
Baojun: China
Jiefang: China
Wuling: China
Chevrolet: Global, except Australia, New Zealand
Opel: Global, except North America, United Kingdom
Buick: North America, China, Israel
Cadillac: North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East
GMC: North America, Middle East
Vauxhall: United Kingdom ALL GM BRANDS References: General Motors Swot, www.wikiswot.com
Company Profile: General Motors Company (June 8, 2012), www.marketline.com
General Motors Company: A Company Profile by Anne Wilson, Matthew Robinson, Niroj Sriskantharajah, Sarah Cadoret, and Sarah Laflamme (Winter 2013)
After the Quake, The Economist (May 19, 2011), www.economist.com EPS is between their major

ROE peaked in 2011 Strong comeback after
bailout in 2009

Dip in gross profit in
2012 corresponds to
lowest margin among
competitors QUESTIONS? General Motors Values Integrity
Health & Safety
Conflicts of Interest Market share has drastically increased since 2009

Globally Toyota has highest sales volume Economic Sociocultural Technological Government Bailout and ownership
Higher MPG standards Declining US Market Share UAW
Bailout fatigue Cadillac: International Global Brands All Electric Cars
Charging Stations for Electric Cars Porter's 5 Forces New entrants
Tesla & Fisker
High speed rail
Rivalry intensity Quality Investing in Quality Vehicles
Shift image through Quality
Capture market share from competitors Special thank to the Arctic Gaiters Derek Smith
Kyle Roberts
Paul Gambill
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