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Chemical vs. Physical change

the difference between chemical and physical change

Connor Ripperger

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Chemical vs. Physical change

Physical Change Physical change A change of matter from one form to another
digesting food if you broke a bottle, crumpled paper, melted an ice cube, or casted silver in a mold that is physical change Chemical Change a change that occurs when one or more substanceschange into different substances burning wood, dissolving salt in water, mixing an acid and a base, or digesting food So whats the difference? well... If it doesn't change the substance like crushing a sugar cube then it's Physical of course But... if you change your substance its chemical how you know its chemical
1. changing color
2. formation of gas
3. formation of solid
4. formation of light
5. change in temperature this video shows three 1.Change in color 2. formation of light 3 and change in tempature because... the sugar cube is still made of sugar whether its a cube or in powdery goodness thats some epic emission of light now i'll tell you what you just saw Physical means you wont change the substance itself it is still the item
Chemical means its a different substance What is the difference between Chemical And Summary
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