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Los Angeles

No description

mhed acierda

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Los Angeles

Los Angeles
LA is one of the most incomparable entertainment capital in the U.S.
Leisure traveler

Shopping,Theme park etc...
Future Growth Consequences
let's discover !!
Los Angeles
By: Jeferson, April,
Yuki & ukyo
"Welcome to LA"
Los Angeles is a county in the U.S. state of California
A primarily a desert basin and surrounded by two divided mountains
The San Gabriel Mountain
The Santa Monica Mountain
The weather in LA describe as "Perfect"
Most of the weather are sunny and warm with gentle breeze
No unpleasant season in LA
Background - Cont.
Los Angeles is known as the cultural Hub of the Pacific Rim
There are approximately 135 different languages speakers
(e.g. English, Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean ... and many more)
Therefore, it's called Los Angeles home
LA has an estimated population of 3.8 million and also recognize as a "multiethnic county"
What Los Angeles make its unique destination?
A paradise of a good weather
Los Angeles being as a unique destination - Cont.
A cultural mecca boasting more than 300 meseum
Walt Disney Meseum
LA Getty Meseum
Maritime Mesuem
LA is like the Walk of Fame collection of the stars (famous for many career oppurtunities)
The only city in North America that held the summer Olympics twice
It has a largest government centre outside of W.D.C.
It has the largest historical theater district
Total visitors of 40.4 million tourist to Los Angeles County for both overnight and day visitors
Food and beverages

Business traveler

They can get newest information about Hollywood movies and stars.
Leisure Traveler

Transportation, Better to use a car
Business Traveler
: Need to pick a hotel that's close to the areas where you are doing business.
Future Destination Growth Plan
*Not only do they have a variety of stores to suit every taste and budget, they also have several different types of shopping venues.
LA has many future plans; but what I most found interesting project is about the train systems.
*Disneyland is the most popular amusement park in the world. LA also has a Universal Studios Hollywood.
Two plan:
High-speed bullet train,
and the
subway extention
*When you are in LA, you will need a car. This is because LA has a limited metro and buses. It can take you hours just to do a simple trip. In addition, the attractions are very spread out.
High-speed bullet train;
- from LA to San Francisco that runs around
700 mile project.
*LA's traffic really can cause nightmares for time schedules, so you need to make plan accordingly.
Southern California's climate has often been described as "perfect". Los Angels enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, moderate temperatures with low humidity year-round. In fact, there are no unpleasant seasons in Los Angels. Both leisure traveler and business traveler expect comfortable weather.
Perfect Weather
This project was approved in 2011; however, many setbacks occurs during the process.
Consequently, this prior year the workers strated to do construction again.
They are planning finish the construction for the first section of 2021, and they will run the train for a whole line that will be completed by 2029.

Expo line that will reach to the sea of Santa Monica.
This project will finish near future. This line going sea then it through at UCLA.
If the villa industry will going to improve around in Santa Monica bayside area; It is able to build a new town.
Therefore, many different kind of industries will improve too.
(E.g supermarket or theater.)

If there are more improve train systems in LA its going to be more fantastic city.
Moreover, if the city improve their hospitality more, many industries in LA will going to influence the world too.
Leisure Traveller Needs
The Subway Expo-Line
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"Hasta luego" !
LA name was "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles" (the Town of Our Lady Queen of the Angels)
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