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Example of Student Work

Global History and Geography Review: Prezi Presentations

Laura Baker

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Example of Student Work

Industrialization and Environmental Problems Essential Question: How does technological change affect people, places, and regions? Place: The Industrial World Industrialization began in the 1700s in Great Britain. The environment has been altered significantly over the past 300 years. Carbon Dioxide Emssions Smog
Acid Rain
Global Warming
Nuclear Energy Chernobyl
Marine Wildlife Nations and corporations are changing their behavior to address these changes to their environment. British Petroleum announced that it should increase its investments in solar energy as an alternative to dependence upon oil. Denmark has investigated alternative energy sources such as combustion of agricultural waste Greenpeace has pioneered the use of Greenfreeze as an alternative to traditional refrigerants.
Greenfreeze is:
Climate-safe There has been an increase in recycling efforts. There have been global attempts to reduce car emissions. Japanese hybrids
USA catalytic converters Conclusion: The technology of the industrial revolution has drastically impacted places (the world) as well as the behaviors and lives of people around the the world. Note: Information and text borrowed from sample essay from:

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