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TV Comedy - GCSE Media Studies

No description

Carolina Fernandez

on 19 February 2018

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Transcript of TV Comedy - GCSE Media Studies

TV Comedy
Audiences & Institutions
2 x 15 mark questions
Respond with case study info
Questions are similar each year -
test your use of case studies
How and why is a particular TV comedy programme scheduled?
What are the audience pleasures in TV comedy?
The business of broadcasting
Strategies for
targetting an audience
channel brand image
Detailed notes and research on case studies
Make sure you understand new concepts
Learn terminology
Prepare revision notes - you will have to learn them off by heart for exam!
Game show
The Exam
How to succeed
Mass audience
Niche audience
Independent broadcasters
Public service broadcasters
Research task 1
How do independent broadcasters target
an audience and establish a brand image?
brand image
Commercial channels that aim to
increase revenue by commissioning and purchasing programmes that will attracting their target audience. This in turn means that they can charge advertisers to target that audience in the ad breaks / sponsor programmes.
Can you think of examples?
Public service broadcasters are funded by the licence fee, paid in this country by all residents who watch TV. In turn, they must commission or make programmes that reflect diversity, appeal to a range of tastes, inform as well as entertain, rather than being driven by commercial goals.
Can you think of any BBC programming that meets that goal (remit)?
A section of the market with unique tastes / interests
Narrowcasting means a TV channel that transmits programming selected for a niche audience. Narrowcasting can be very attractive for advertisers...
can you think why?
An audience made up of a range
of demographics and tastes
Transmitting programming that tries to appeal to a mass audience.
Can you think of an example of how a programme might do this?
Channel 4 is an interesting exception - funded by commercial revenue, but with a Public Service remit (we will study in more depth later on).
Create a profile of two TV channels:
Channel 4
This should include the following:
key history / ownership
of channel
viewing figures
for the channel www.barb.co.uk - last quarter
Analyse a
channel logo
- how does it reflect the brand?
List key
genres of programmes
broadcast in a week on the channel - what type of audience do they appeal to?
Identify all
comedy programmes
in one week on that channel - how do they
reflect the brand
of the channel?
Work should be detailed, in your own words, presented clearly in Word and
glued into exercise book.

Audience identification with themes
satire, irreverent topical debate
narrative pleasures
verbal comedy
Physical comedy
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