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Meghan Coble

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of Iva

Iva Macpherson
Iva Macpherson
is a boarding school in Los Angeles, California. It's an exclusive private school for the children of the famous and afluent
The 2010-2011 school year has just begun
So let's take a look at some of the students, shall we?
I apoligize if your character was not included. This is just something I did to help me learn how to use Prezi. I'll probably add more later~
Corbin Dahl
DOB: April 1st, 1994

Son of Kris Dahl, lead singer of the Swedish power metal band Simplification and Cornelia Angelo, lead singer and keyboardist for the Italian melodic metal band Infinite Wisdom.

Corbin is a reserved, go with it kind of kid with alternative tastes. Guitar is his passion and he wants to be the guitarist in a band of his own one day
Elise Delacroix
Born July 23, 1993

Hunter Mathews (professional wrestler/MMA fighter)
Lisette Delacroix (fashion designer, owner of X)

Elise is a serious athlete with a weekly training schedule. Her passion is wrestling, but despite the rough and tumble sport she has a cheerful, nervous personality and enjoys "girly" things as well.
Abigal Nichols
Born to acclaimed director Lucus and actress Jessica Nichols on December 21, 1995.

Abigal is a cheerful girl with a passion for writing. She's currently working on a novel an aspires to be a New York Times bestseller.
Nora Hawthorne
Birthday: January 1, 1994

Born to Catherine O'Keefe [Irish socialite and multi-millionare] and Chase Hawthorne [American movie director, multi-millionare, famous for making horror movies that don't suck]

Nora's a fiesty, commanding sixteen year old [she might look 10, but trust my she's sixteen]. She has a passion for music and dreams of one day becoming a singer.
Augustus Ferdinand Hughes VI

DOB: 03/17/93
Augustus Ferdinand Hughes V (business man, family's fortune and investments from the Industrial Revolution),
Caroline Ward (socialite, DAR, and cousin of the Vanderbilts)

Fred's a sports guy, but, due to a back injury can no longer play sports. He's passionate about weightlifting and science, and, as he's a very intelligent guy dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon.
Nicole Richardson
March 2, '93

Daughter of Anthony Richardson ( heir of an Oil Baron) and Mary-Anne Cole (owns one of the largest and oldest ranches in Texas)

Nicole is friendly and welcoming in personality, but once you're on her black list she's known to become snappy. Nicole is passionate about cooking and baking and wants to become a celebrity chef.
Lumi Thompson

Born on Mar. 14th, 1994

Parents- Lynette Tolve, [a chef, has her own cooking show] Everett Thompson [CEO of some big company that sells keyboards]

Lumi's a goofy, sometimes sarcastic girl. Her passion is party planning and interior decorating, and she dreams of becoming a celebrity planner.
Sunny Rend
April 17, 1993

Stephy (O'Reilly), a member of the classical music ensemble, Fountains
William Rend, the heir of an enormous inheiritance
Sunny in an individual interested in uncoventional self-expression. She's passionate about music and wants to start up her own collective.
Tabitha "Tabby" Corder

Born on the 1st of December in 1995 to Melissa (an animals rights activist) and Henry (a banker) Corder.

Environmentalist and animal rights supporter, Tabby is a friend to nature. Needless to say, she is passionate about fighting for animals' rights and desires to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a professional campaigner.
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