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The Fishing Cat

All about fishing cats (and yes, it is a type of species) and this is also my first prezi!!!! <3

Kendra MichPr

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of The Fishing Cat

All About The Fishing Cat! and yes, the fishing cat is a type of species! Fisher Cats have been classified as endangered since 2008 Since they are concetrated mainly in wetland habitats... Which, sadly are increasingly being
settled, degraded, and converted. See! Fishing Cats can be found in South, Southeast Asia. They live in densly vegetated areas near water,
rivers, and streams. They live in a variety of habitats, from evergreen forests to tropical-dry forests. Fish is their main prey (hint-Fishing Cat). frogs crawfish waterfowl rodents birds snakes chital fawns! here are a few other things that they eat (Chital-another term for spotted, or marked.) Adult fishing cats can weigh 11 to 35 pounds, twice the size of a domestic cat! fishing cats have up 2-3 kittens Kittens way 6oz. or more. Schedule
1 month-move around
2 months-taking solid food, playing in the water
81/2 months-now adult size Fishing cats are eager and skilled swimmers. They are one of the few cats that actually like the
water. Another cat is the Clouded Leopard. They sometimes range in colour, from browns to blacks. how cute! Now, here's a video of some
fishing kittens learning to fish Bonus! The fishing cats' toes are webbed,
with claws that do not fully retract!
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