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Recycling in Nashville

No description

Clint OP

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Recycling in Nashville

Because Nashville is a big city it needs a good recycling program. Unfortunately the program is flawed. The trucks only come once a month. This causes some large families to request an extra bin costing the city money. The service does not include glass pick-up saying "Household Recycling is designed to eliminate materials that make up the largest percentage of waste. Since glass makes up a smaller portion of the waste stream than paper, plastic and metals, it is not accepted as part of the household program"(nashville.gov). There are ways to recycle glass but these ways ways are very time consuming.
Make People More Aware
(Solution #1)

By putting up banners in our schools, neighborhoods, and communities we can make people more aware of the benefits of recycling. In doing this we can promote recycling and encourage the city to increase pickup frequency. The best part about this solution is that anyone can do it. All you need is some coloring supplies and a few pieces of paper.
Recycling In Nashville By: Cooper Sacks, Walker Russell, and Ewin Earls
Why You Should Recycle
The Problem
Plastics are put into mainstream trash bins. From then, they get transported to landfills where they sit for 100 years. This causes these landfills to fill up forcing cities to build new landfills. In the act of building these landfills the air is polluted. When the air is polluted it causes global warming.
There are locations around the city where you can drop off glass, but you cannot put glass in your trash cans. By simply accepting glass in curbside bins employees would not have to manage and collect from these facilities. People would also not have to go out of their way to recycle glass.
A New Bin
(Soultion #2)
If a new bin with separate sections for glass, paper products, and metal replaced the traditional bins glass could be accepted in the curbside program. This would not only be more convenient but many people would start to recycle glass helping the environment. For this to work and the program to get better pickup will have to be more frequent. We can achieve this by implementing solution #1 as well as this solution.
shut up cooper
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