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Response to On The Sidewalk Bleeding // Mr. Reed

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Samir Gokhul

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Response to On The Sidewalk Bleeding // Mr. Reed

Response to On The Sidewalk Bleeding
I was surprised by
how no one helped Andy. When the drunk guy came up to him, I was surprised by the fact that he didn't even realize that Andy was injured at all he just that that Andy had felt down because we was drunk as well. Also when Freddie and Angela came and recognized that Andy was injured but didn't do anything to help because they were scared that they might get caught up in something and were scared that the Guardians would get mad. I think the author included these encounters make the reader feel bad for Andy and to make the readers put themselves in that situation and ask themselves what they would do it this situation was presented to them, like would they be scared to help? Or would help anyways knowing about what can come ? The reason why I think it makes the readers feel bad for and Andy and give empathy for him is because, in these types of situations Andy was presented with hope from those people hope that he wouldn't die because the people will help him but then all that hope get taken away, just like that and Andy looses it. When people see that they might be able to relate, just in a different way and then will be able to feel empathy for him, and then feel bad for Andy.
Connections I made
... one of the connections I made to On The Sidewalk Bleeding was a connection to a book called The Outsiders, By SE Hilton. The reason why I thought of that book was first of all it also includes a type of gang rivalry too, but when I did think deeper I realized that it did have an even bigger relevance than I thought of. One of the main themes for On The Sidewalk Bleeding, is how people tend to deal with dead, more specifically how the person dying may deal with himself dying. End the end, Andy sort of figured everything out. In The Outsiders, the gang had to deal with the death of Johnny, and Johnny himself had to deal with his own death, and he had to accept it, and when he did die, just like Andy, he understood everything and they both had to accept the fact that they were both going to die.
If I was the author I would change
... If I was the author I don't think I would change anything. I feel that everything is well put so the message the author is trying to show comes through clearly. The author also properly uses different factors to make the reader feel bad for the main character. There for if I could change anything, wouldn't because I think it's well made.
A question I had
after reading this story was, what was the meaning of taking off his jacket the reason i wondered of that was because I felt that it had some sort of importance. And looking deeper it did. I think that the reason why the author did that was to emphasize that Andy knew he was going to die and if he was, Andy wanted to be known as himself, just Andy, not just a royal, not just a member of a gang. it also makes us feel bad for Andy at the end because when the cop comes, he only recognizes him as a Royal, not Andy
I noticed that
the author had influenced a love interest for Andy, his girlfriend , Laura. At first I wondered why the author chose to include Laura in this story, as it would've just been okay if he didn't include her, someone else could have just found Andy on the street and got the cops. But the reason why is much deeper than that. IO thin the reason he did that was to help us relate to Andy a little bit more, which aids us to emphasize I bit more. It makes us feel worse when he dies because not only did he dies as something he didn't want to be, but we also know someone else is grieving over his death, suffering through sorrow and sadness and other than that, at such a young age too, at sixteen she shouldn't have to feel those feelings. And then when you look at the extent of love that they had for each other, you'll see that there's a great extent. Andy was planning to marry Laura when they get older. and you can see how long they were together as Laura was around when Andy first joined to Royals.
I was really impressed by
the way the author had made me feel empathy for Andy, with the fact that he's about to die. The author did a very good job making the reader feel empathy. The author used several different situations and reasons to do so. They were Laura and the fact that she loved Andy and then he died. The fact that Andy was found a couple time but no one did anything, giving him hope then talking it away. And Finally that he died as something he didn't wan to be, just a member of a gang.

In conclusion
my reaction to "On The Sidewalk Bleeding " was overall positive. I enjoyed the storyline and i really like the message and them the author was trying to send off to the reader. Finally I liked the way the author caught our attention by making us relate and emphasize.

By:Samir Gokhul
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