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Reaction Time Lab Report

No description

kevin ho

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Reaction Time Lab Report

Reaction Time Lab Report
How does the
body position
of a person effect their
reaction time

By Anwar, Henry, Kevin, Teja
If a person was in a sitting position, then they would react faster because their movements would not be restricted.
Refuted by data
Experiment Design
1. Start up laptop, search for 'RED LIGHT - GREEN LIGHT Reaction Time Test'

2. Have test subject in a sitting position on a chair/stool within reachable range of the laptop

3. Start the test by pressing any key on laptop

4. Have test subject press as soon as they see the green light

5. Have them repeat step 4 for 5 trials

6. Calculate average & record data in table

7. Change the person's position to prone and repeat steps 2-6

8. Change the person's position to standing and repeat steps 2-6
Laptop w/ internet access
paper & pencil
Controlled: Test (Red Light Green Light), testing method, laptop, premises

Manipulated: Body position

Responding: Reaction Time in seconds
Driving Question:
To determine whether the body position of a person has an influence that will change their reaction time
Gather useful information
Gain knowledge of reactions
Data & Observations
Time is Ticking...
In conclusion, our hypothesis was refuted by the data because it showed no differences in reaction times in relation of body positions.
So... why is this information important?
Reaction Times:
can be a matter of life or death
can help with sports/ daily activities.
can also get you certain jobs.
No previous research, data, or lab report found
motor neuron
sensory neuron
spinal cord
ten-thousandths of a second
Not Valid
action potential
New Questions:
-How do drugs affect reaction time?
-How does the potency of drugs affect reaction time?
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