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Sandy Smith Personal Real Estate Corporation

No description

Sandy Smith

on 31 July 2018

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Transcript of Sandy Smith Personal Real Estate Corporation

Walk-through Videos
Written Advertizing
Sandy Smith Personal Real Estate YouTube Channel
My Team
Point 2 Website
Over 1500+ "likes & followers"
Followers share with their friends and family
Be a part of Social Marketing
Amazing exposure


Online Marketing
like comment share
Marketing for your home
Sandy Smith Personal Real Estate Corporation


Royal Lepage National Website

Royal Lepage East Kootenay Realty

Prospective buyers can find this video in the following places:

-Facebook Page
-Kijiji ad
-Matrix MLS System

*Now including drone footage so potential buyers can view neighborhood*
Distributes to over 60 different listing websites both local and internationally

Web, mobile, and e-device formatting

Able to keep track of who is looking, how often, and what sites they are using
Two Licensed Realtors® working on your behalf
Larger market base
Stats for our market area
About Cranbrook
BCREA video updates every month
Local Resources
Info for Buyers and Sellers
Open Houses
Local Advertiser
Open Houses

-One of the top growing sites for sale exposure

-Easy for potential buyers to use

-Can monitor the ad status

-How many "Hits"

-YouTube sync for video and pictures
Purpose of Evaluation
Market Value =

The highest price estimate, in terms of money that a property will bring if exposed for sale in the open market allowing reasonable time to find a Buyer who purchases it with knowledge of the uses to which it is adapted and for which it is capable of being used
"The price a willing Seller would accept and a willing Buyer would pay"
How is this accomplished?
The Importance of Intelligent Pricing
How Long Does Marketing Take?
The length of time will vary. Some properties will sell in days, some may take 6 months.
1. Competition
2. Price
3. Property
4. Financing
5. Timing
6. Marketing
What will the Buyer's other choices be at the time they're shown your property?
If your property is still listed but your competitors have sold, should you reduce?
Does your property have any major problems or defects?
Price may need to compensate
Current costs of mortgage financing might limit your number of potential Buyers
Supply and demand are factors affecting the market.
Neither the Seller or listing agent can change the market condition
Marketing techniques are constantly being changed and updated
Marketing still has limitations, marketing can not overcome the first five factors if they are unbalanced
What a Realtor can do for you.

Thank you!

Associate Broker/Realtor®
Licensed Assistant/Realtor®
We use a program called ShowingTime which allows Sellers a hands-on interactive experience with their showings.

-Receive showing requests
-View showing history
-See feedback direct from showing agents
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