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What I do at Rackspace

Career day prezi for a local elementary school.

Ric Jimenez

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of What I do at Rackspace

I work at Rackspace Hosting and I help build Open Clouds Hello my name is Mr. Ric !!! So who is Rackspace?????

Managed Hosting Provider

Based in San Antonio, TX

Started in 1998

serve more than 190,000 customers.

Eight (8) Data Centers: Grapevine, TX; Richardson, TX; Chicago, IL; Herndon, VA; Ashburn, VA; London, UK; Slough, UK; Hong Kong

Over 4,500 Rackers around the world Its a home for internet sites, web applications, and anything else that lives on the internet Ok, so what the heck is this
Cloud Hosting thing??? Web Hosting + Fanatical Support But what does Rackspace
really do??? Some say we are the internet..... Rackspace What is Web Hosting??? Rackspace is a leader in Open Cloud Hosting Customer Support
Data Center Operations
Supply Chain So Mr. Ric, how do you help
build Clouds??? Engineering
Demand Planning
Deploy Supply Chain So what the heck does this mean? Mr. Ric Optimizes Deployment of the Cloud Faster
Cheaper Optimize means
to do something..... Which means happy customers and happy business owners!!!! Faster, Better, Cheaper = What YOU want, When YOU want it, and at the price YOU want Process Mapping
Measuring what we do and how we do it
Automation (let the computer do it)
Collaboration So how do you optimize??? Creating the world's greatest
service company So working together,
Rackers are.... Building the world's largest Open Cloud Helping to change the world All while having fun!!! Cartoons are fun...... This is where Mr. Ric comes in.... Supply Chain Operations Manager
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