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Child Development Activities Project

Final Project_Art_Language Arts_Math/Number_Science_Dramatic Play_Sensory_Reading/Letter...Theme: Spring

tanaja franklin

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Child Development Activities Project

Art Child Development Activities Project Our activity requires nothing but fun, and nature. Skills/ Knowledge The Children Will Learn ! By doing this activity our children will learn:
Small & large motor skills
What happens in Fall, Nature
Painting Everything Sprouts in Spring Our activity is cutting out things that are found in spring and making them into a certain letter. Spring to Life ! Our activity is just painting an image of what Spring is to you. Supplies Needed:
Anything you can think of to use to make things that go with spring (feathers, yarn, pipe cleaners, glitter, googly eyes)
Construction Paper
Nature, of course, flowers, grass, etc. Our Theme is ... But, in our case, Spring to us is flowers, and sunshine, and butterflies. Instructions...

Take children outside and let them pick out things from nature that go along with Spring.
Bring them back inside, give them the supplies they need
Let them create their image of Spring. That was a finished product of what Alexis Chandler did using leaves and the petals of flowers and paint. Instructions
1. Give children pictures to cut out that goes with spring
2.Tell them the letter that the picture makes
3. Decorate pictures with glitter, glue, fuzzy balls, etc. Supplies:
Fuzzy balls
Things that go with Spring Skills/Knowledge

Kids learn their alphabet
Small motor skills
What name goes with a certain object This is a picture of the project by Natyra and Desiree. Spring Ahead! This activity requires the kids to learn about their numbers. Instructions
1. Give children different numbers and let them cut it out.
2. Explain to them what number they have and value of the number
3. Let them decorate the number with objects that has same value as number
4. Have fun! Supplies
Paper with number on it
Different decorations (Glitter, markers, paper flowers, etc.)
Spring objects
Construction paper Skills/Knowledge:
Number and value
Small motor skills
Order of numbers This is the finished product by Alexis Chandler. Oh, Spring, Let Me Count The Days What we did for this activity is, simply, instead of using numbers to add/subtract, we used flowers. It displays our theme of Spring, and it advances our kids knowledge of math.
They not only have to add/subtract the flowers, but count the number of flowers they need to add/subtract before they do so. Instructions
1. Take paper towels & make a plus or minus sign and an equal sign (+, -, =) on them.
2. Take flowers and lay them in the spaces; for example, lay 4 flowers on the left side of the minus sign, and 2 flowers on the right side. You then have, 4 flowers minus 2 flowers.
3. Then, tell the children to tell you how many flowers are left by putting the remaining amount of flowers after the equal sign. Supplies
Paper towels
Flowers Skills Learned/ Knowledge Gained
Counting, in general (1,2,3...) Here is another example of how we did our Math section, done by the whole group. Spring can be so Colorful ! For our Science section activity, we decided upon dying the flowers, but not the way you think. We had the children go out & pick fresh flowers, and we got cups, cut them in half, and put water and food coloring in them; we then put the flowers in the cups and waited for results. Instructions
1. Take your cups and cut them in half with the scissors
2. Decorate your cups (yarn, glue, glitter), then give time to set.
3. Take cotton balls and put them around the cup top. Our cups top, when we cut them in half, were sharp. So, to protect our children from cuts, we put cotton balls around the edges.
4. Pour in your water, then add in your food coloring.
5. Then, put in your flowers.
6. Put your experiment in a safe place & wait. This is an overnight experiment. Supplies
Disposable cups
Food coloring
Cotton balls Skills/Knowledge Learned
Small/large motor skills
Respiration of flowers
How things happen, in general
Good/Bad, health wise. Here is a finished product by Alexis, Natyra, and Tanaja Spring Plays For our dramatic play activity, our children pretended they were farmers, & they had to harvest their crops, being careful to watch out for pesky critters! After the children harvested their crops, we rounded up & went to the "farmer's market", where we traded our food in exchange for money. Instructions
1. First, grab your buckets & gather/harvest your crops; but do not forget to watch out for raccoons, rabbit's, & snake's.
2. Next, once you're finished gathering all the food you can, head on over to the "farmers market".
3. Lastly, trade your food in exchange for money; with this money, we allowed our students to purchase anything they wanted out of a play chest/candy chest. Supplies
'Fake' food
Gardening tools (shovels, wheelbarrow, etc.)
Sunglasses (it was HOT!)
Coins or another method of giving money
Animals Skills/ Knowledge Learned
Value of money & what it can get you Orange, Red, Yellow For this activity, we had our kids take an orange, and just use their senses and explore it. Instructions
1. Hand out an orange to every child.
2. Tell them to smell it, and describe.
3. Touch it and describe
4. Look at it and describe
5. Taste it and describe
( You cannot hear the orange, so let's just leave that alone. ;) Supplies
An ORANGE, and that's it. Skills/Knowledge Learned
5 senses
An orange & what it is F-L-O-W-E-R-S...What's that spell? For our Reading/Letter activity, we had our children look at a flashcards and identify them. Instructions
1. Lay out flashcards.
2. Have children sound out words, help them break them down, etc.
3. When they have figured out the word, have them lift the card up, it will show the picture that goes with the word. Supplies
Index cards
Markers Skills/Knowledge Learned
Word wall or Word association
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