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Loyalty and Betrayal

No description

William Auden

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Loyalty and Betrayal

towards Language and Culture

Loyalty: love, family, religion and culture
in Love
towards Family
Betrayal of the Indian culture
towards Religion
Baby Kochamma:
Baby Kochamma: ‘She made them write lines –impositions, she called them-. ‘I will always speak in English, I will always speak in English.’
Betrayal: Authority
p.8 : ‘If I were you,’ he said, ‘I’d go home quietly.’ Then he tapped her breasts with his baton. Gently. Tap, tap. As though he was choosing mangoes from a basket. Pointing out the ones that he wanted packed and delivered.’
Betrayal : family
Baby Kochamma toward the twins:
P.20 : ‘She was delighted that Estha had not spoken to Rahel. That he had looked at her and walked straight past. Into the rain. As he did with everyone else.’

Baby Kochamma toward Ammu: ‘She subscribed wholeheartedly to the commonly held view that a married daughter had no position in her parents’ home. As for a divorced daughter -- according to Baby Kochamma, she had no position anywhere at all.’
Loyalty and Betrayal

Chacko and Margaret :
p.36 : He said that he couldn't bear to think of them spending a lonely, desolate Christmas in England. (...) Ammu said that Chacko had never stopped loving Margaret Kochamma.
p.142 : 'My wife, Margaret'
Betrayal: love, family, authority and culture
Baby Kochamma :
p.298 : And every night, night after night, year after year, in diary after diary after diary, she wrote : I love you I love you.
Rahel and Velutha :
p. 285 : Sleep and wake up in another world. With the smell of her skin in the air that he breathed. Her body on his. He might never see her again.
Chacko and Mammachi :
p.48 : 'I never want this to happen again,' he told his father. 'Ever.'
Ammu and the twins :
p.318 : Not together (but almost) two frightened voices whispered 'Save Ammu'
Rahel and Estha :
p. 225 : 'Promise me you'll always love each other,' she'd say (...) 'Promise,' Estha and Rahel would say. Not finding words with which to tell her that there was no Each, no Other.
p.139 : 'Don't forget that you are Ambassadors of India,' Baby Kochamma told Rahel and Estha.
p.180 : 'Must we behave like some godforsaken tribe that's just been discovered ?' Ammu asked.
Baby Kochamma :
p.25 : She was glad to leave, but insisted that she would not reconvert, and for the rest of her days remained a Roman Catholic.
From Ammu's parents: P.42 ‘Ammu left her husband and returned, unwelcomed, to her parents in Ayemenem.’
From Sophie Mol to her father: P.151: ‘He’s just my real dad’, Sophie Mol said. ‘Joe’s my real dad.’

p.213 : ‘We won’t. We promise. We’ll use it only when you’re with us.’
Betrayal: love
P.47: ‘Every night he beat her with a flower vase’.
Papachi and Mamachi:
Ammu and her ex-husband:
p.42: ‘He grew uncomfortable, and then infuriated by her silence. Suddenly he lunged at her, grabbed her hair, punched her and then passed out from the effort.’
Rahel and Larry:
p.19 : ‘But when they made love he was offended by her eyes. They behaved as though they belonged to someone else.’
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