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Egyptian Pharaoh

No description

Jun Xia

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian Pharaoh

Finally Thanks for listening Khufu Khufu When he ruled -- Khufu was the Pharaoh of the 4th dynasty
-- 2589 -- 2566 BC
-- 63 years according to Manetho;
23 or 46 years according to historians
Why he is famous Giza Pyramid --- The largest Pyramid in the world Significant events
According to various inscriptions, Khufu probably did lead military into the Sinai, and raids into Nubia and Libya. What is unique about him -- His fame lasted throughout Egyptian history and he still had a funerary cult as late as the Saite Dynasty(26th dynasty). What did he contribute to Egypt http://minimalisthomedezine.blogspot.ca/2010/05/great-pyramid-of-giza-also-called.html http://minimalisthomedezine.blogspot.ca/2010/05/great-pyramid-of-giza-also-called.html -- The construction of the Giza Pyramid offered the ancient Egyptian farmers jobs opportunities in the driest months of Egypt.

-- His ruling period is considered one of the most prosperous periods in ancient Egypt history. -- "Guardians Egypt" http://guardians.net/egypt/khufu.htm Presented by Jun Xia
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