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Top ten websites for classroom usage.

Brian P

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Technology

Tech-Teaching We all know that today's
world is filled with technology... ...except classrooms. But... We've come a long way from web 1.0 To web 2.0 Why not use this in the classroom? here are some of the new and improved websites of... WEB 2.0! Google docs is an online collaborative version of Microsoft's Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, allowing people on different computers anywhere to work on the same document at the same time. In the classroom this can be used for: Group projects . . Learning about other schools world- wide by working together Cloud Computing ...is an online way of storing your files on the internet in a safe and secure way, allowing teachers and students to access there work and files from any computer in the world that has an internet connnection. This is just a way of storing files, but it's not just one website. Amazon and Google are two major cloud computing sites. Flikr is a site for storing images. cloud computing Online Bookmarks will also be handy in the classroom. These are a way of marking the sites that you like. visit previous sites . no memorizing site names . . faster . handy in the classroom in case a student forgets a website web 2.0 is the modern internet Web 2.0 also allows people to communicate. Such as... Twitter Blogs Social Networking Social sites like these enable teachers and students to communicate much easier, such as a teacher posting a blog or tweet about an assignment. 2.0 also makes presentations harder and more ... EASIER also, online presentation sites such as the one you're on right now makes accessing your work even easier prezi, for example, allows students and teachers to make online presentations And online poster making sites like glogster allows you to make an online poster for a presentation. these sites allow... students easy access to assignments . . teachers can grade presentations easy as 123 so think about it Do we want expensive and heavy text books? ? or the easy internet? fun
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