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Battle of the Revolution

No description

Matthew Moyles

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of Battle of the Revolution

Battles of the Revolution
Battle of Bunker Hill
June 17, 1775
The Battle of Brandywine
Location: Between the cities of Baltimore & Philadelphia
The Battle of Saratoga
Date: September 19 (Freeman's Farm) & October 7, 1777 (Bemis Heights)
The Battle of Cowpens
January 17, 1781
The Battle of Yorktown
October, 19th 1781
Yorktown, Virginia (peninsula)
Treaty Of Paris
American- Putnam, Prescott and Ward
British-Gage, Howe, and Burgoyne
Events Leading to Battle:
Americans take positions on Breed's Hill, over looking Boston Harbor. Their presence was threatening to the British who controlled Boston
What Happened:
The British charged and seized the hill, but at a tremendous cost. They suffered 40% causalities.
Date: September 9, 1777
American- Washington
Britain- Howe
Events Leading to Battle:
The British began a march towards Philadelphia, the political capitol of the colonies and home of the Continental Congress. Washington took position on high ground over the Brandywine River and wait to defend the city from the advancing British.
What Happened:
The British crossed the river north of Washington's position and surprised him. The Americans were forced to retreat and the British seized control of Philadelphia.
Location: Saratoga, New York.
American- Gates & Arnold
British- Burgoyne
Events Leading to Battle:
During 1777 the British military attempted to converge on Albany, NY to cut off the Continental Army in New England.
What Happened:
The Americans suffered greatly in the first battle, but in the second the battle-weary British troops were defeated. Benedict Arnold's constant pursuit led to a British Surrender. The American victory solidified French support.
On the South Carolina-North Carolina border
American- Colonel Morgan
British- Lieutenant Colonel Tarleton
Events Leading up to Battle:
Tlerton's reputation as being ruthless did not scare Morgan, who took defensive positions between two hills and prepared to fight.
What Happened:
The British lost the battle, which helped boost American morale because they were outnumbered.
Americans- Washington
British- Cornwallis
Events Leading to Battle:
Cornwallis hoped to link up with British troops who were to be arriving in the Chesapeake Bay. he led his troops to the Virginia peninsula, expecting reinforcements from the sea.
What Happened:

Washington rushed his troops south to trap the British on the peninsula. The French Navy blockaded the British from reinforcing Cornwallis. Cornwallis was forced to surrender. This battle effectively end the war.
Location: 2 hills above Boston Harbor
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