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The Musculatory System

No description

Kristi Hagen

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of The Musculatory System

The Muscular System
By: Kristi Hagen
& Brandy Mouledoux

What is a Muscle?
A muscle is a band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a human or animal body that has the ability to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body
Types of Muscles in the Body
There are three types of muscle tissue in the body:

Smooth Muscles
These types of muscles are found in our stomach and other internal organs. They are involuntary muscles, and they help push substances through our internal organs when they contract

Skeletal Muscles
These types of muscles are found all over our body, and are most important in the movement of our body. There are over 600 skeletal muscles in our body, and they all play a role in helping our body keep it's shape. They are also the only voluntary muscles in the body.
Ex. calves, biceps and triceps
Ex. stomach, blood vessels and small intestines
Cardiac Muscles
These are found only in the heart. They are most important part of our blood flow, they help pump the blood out of the heart and into the body
Ex. the heart
Types of Muscle Disorders
Muscle Dystrophy
-is a muscle disease that causes muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue
-is when your muscle fibers do not function the way they're supposed resulting in muscle weakness
-is when your muscles lose all feeling and the ability to move

What can you do to maintain a healthy musclar system?
Eat Right
Maintain Body Weight
Stay away from drugs
Muscle Control
Involuntary Muscles
-are muscles that you cannot control the movement of, your body does it all on its own.

Ex. heart and lungs

Voluntary Muscles
-are muscles that you have control over

Ex. arms, legs, and neck
Smooth Muscle
Skeletal Muscle
Cardiac Muscle
How Voluntary/Skeletal Muscles Work
When muscles move they do the opposite of eachother. If one muscle is being contracted the other is relaxing, and they are always pulling and never pushing. Muscles use glucose also known as sugar to move and create energy when being contracted.
Quiz Time!!
Question #1

What type of muscle is found in the small intestines?
A) Smooth
B) Cardiac
C) Skeletal
Question #2
What muscle is most important for your body movement?
A) Cardiac
C) Smooth
Question #3
What muscle is found only in the heart?
A) Skeletal
B) Smooth
C) Cardiac
Question #4
True or False: skeletal muscles are not the only voluntary muscles in the human body?
Question #5
Which of these is NOT a muscle disorder?
A) Muscle Dystrophy
B) Scoliosis
C) Paralysis
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