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The Truman Show

No description

Esther Lee

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of The Truman Show

‘The media and technology have taken over our lives.’
Explore how Peter Weir and one other composer show this through their texts.
Unpleasant Truths
Comforting Lies
The Truman Show
The Truman Show
Directed by Peter Weir
The Truman Show

Overall Thesis
: Humanity must take active steps to resist control made by the media and technology, if they are to live independent and thoughtful lives.

Main Text
The Truman Show
by Peter Weir
(1998 Film)

Related Text
Unpleasant Truths Comforting Lies

by S.H. Chambers
What is Peter Weir trying to say?

Peter weir is challenging the audience to be aware of how much they accept media and technology controlling their beliefs, thoughts and time.

If they are unaware of this they will be consumed by the media and technology.
1. The audience is oblivious to controlling aspect of media and technology, similar to protagonist’s ignorance to be on a TV show.

2. The dominating nature of media and technology and man’s insatiable quest for money and power.

Main ideas
What is S.H. Chambers
is trying to say?
Society only seeks and wants to hear the controlled truth, which can comfort them and make them feel better.

They refuse to hear the actual truth because it will scare them or bring negative impact to them.
Main ideas
1. Society is ignorant to full of lies and deceit by media.

2. The media will do whatever is necessary to maintain their control.

Society is ignorant to the controlling and deceitful aspects of media and technology
Low-angle close-up shot
facial expression
: shows anguish and Truman's realisation of the lies made by the media, which is the starting point of his power over the truth
Scene: Sylvia revealing the truth
The use of
and visual contrast between Seahaven and the production centre shows the lies and deceit made by the media
of the media
Unpleasant Truths Comforting Lies
vector line
draws audience to the line and hows society's willingness to accept lies generated by the media
facial expression
people are contempt with following the lies because it comforts them
Ignorance of society in a world fulled by
the lies and deceit of the media.
The Truman Show
Imperative language
: lighting bolt
“We’re getting higher ratings with this graphic than we’ve ever had on this show”
The controlling nature of media is driven by an obsessive desire for money and power.
Close-up shot
Alleged purpose of providing Truman the "idea" world
Implying Truman can die in front of a live audience
: lighting bolt
= motif of the power and control of the media
Unpleasant Truths Comforting Lies
Profound influence of the media on society, driven by their desire to maintain control and power.
The sign shows the media presenting lies which are lies but sounding comforting than the actual truth, which may be unpleasant to hear
Facial expression
: reinforcing the ignorance of society thus media is powerful and controlling
"They're pretending, Truman." - Sylvia
of the truth
showing society is ignorance through
contrast between the "unpleasant truth" and the "comforting lies"
Both uses to scare the audience
especially to deter Truman escaping from Christof's control = Seahaven
Scene: Truman escaping -> drowning
"He was born in front of a live audience"
"I have given Truman a chance to lead a normal life."

Shows Christof's arrogance of creating the show and receiving high ratings
Christof's careless nature towards humanity, which reveals the purpose of establishing Seahaven is for power and money
Further exemplifies Christof's controlling nature through the weather in Seahaven, which is contrasted with the real world
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