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Sickle Cell Disease

No description

Victor Liang

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Sickle Cell Disease


What is Sickle-Cell disease?
Danial Sheikh
Victor Liang
CALM 20-1
Mr. Schoenthaler
Sickle cell disease
is a disorder that affects a molecule/Protein in
Red Blood cells
which is responsible for delivering oxygen throughout the body.

-Folic acid is given to patient (it is a vitamin which helps the body produce new blood cells)
-Pain medication is given to relieve crisis symptoms
Ex. Hydroxyurea reduces the rate of painful attacks
-Penicillin or other antibiotics are given to help prevent infections
-Blood transfusions occasionally/regularly


-Only available cure is bone marrow transplant
-Scientists are looking to find an alternative cure through gene therapy

People with this disorder have abnormal hemoglobin molecules called
hemoglobin S
, which distorts red blood cells into a
sickle, or crescent, shape.
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So why is this Disease so Deadly?
Individuals With
Sickle Cell disease
have a Mutation in a gene on
chromosome 11
. As a consequence of this, the Hemoglobin does not form properly causing
red blood cells
to have a hard, sickle-like shape. This causes them to clot in blood vessels.

-Eating healthy/balanced diet
-Drinking plenty of fluids
-Avoid extreme cold or heat
-Get lots of rest
-Avoid drugs, alcohol, and smoking
-Avoid places with low oxygen levels (ex. hiking)
-Take prescribed medications
-Contact doctor if illness symptoms start
By now you all are probably scared out of your minds worrying about obtaining Sickle Cell disease D:
The Effects of Sickle-cell Disease

- Prevents Oxygen from reaching vita organs thus causing them to get damaged
- The Spleen is often destroyed in patients who have the disease resulting in the weakening of the immune system
- Patients often have infections more frequently
- Red Blood cells do not live their usual life span.
- Patients have a shortage of Red Blood cells (anemia)
- When the Cells get clogged, they cause periods of pain.
- Delayed growth, strokes and yellowish tinge to the skin
- Infected individuals have their life span reduced by ~30 years
Symptoms and Possible Long-Term Effects

-Severe pain in chest, stomach, arms, legs, or in other parts of the body
-Vulnerability to infections
-Stunt puberty
-Trouble Breathing

Causes Many Complications

Such As...
-Growth, nutrition, and development
-A child may have a lack of appitite, causing malnourishment
-Affect bone development (ex. shoulder/hip joints)
-Stroke or brain injury
-Splenic sequestration
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